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Looking for Reputable Healthcare App Developers? Intetics Is Ranked in the Top Healthcare App Developers in 2021.

The Techreriewer team has ranked Intetics Inc. in the Top Healthcare App Developers in 2021. 

Intetics company’s rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars, and we keep working on making it even better. As providers of digital transformation for the healthcare industry we welcome you to find out potentially interesting solutions and Case Studies for your business here. 

How to get ranked on the Techreviewer? 

A company must pass registration on the Techreviewer platform. The Techreriewer team of analysts ranks companies based on the publicly available information and surveys about industries done by the team.

  • Criteria they use to evaluate the companies: 
  • Client references and reviews 
  • Work experience 
  • Organic search presence 
  • Website speed and the level of user experience 
  • Domain authority 
  • Market presence 
  • Employees reviews 

The Techreviewer rating cannot be purchased and is based on company performance indicators that are listed in its methodology. To achieve the five-star rating, the company must improve all the parameters mentioned in the criteria above.  

To find the full list of the Top Healthcare App Developers in 2021, please, follow the link

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