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Intetics president opens up about new ways to acquire technology resources

Chicago, IL – Intetics President and Founder Boris Kontsevoi is the focus of Intetics’ new corporate video released on June 25th, 2014. The new video explains the main benefits of acquiring external resources for technology innovation and software application development.

“Intetics is a company that actually does technology,” opens Kontsevoi in an interview with Awarely (then CEO Intronet) crew. “We are in the middle of every modern technology in the market.” The video explains how Intetics sets-up teams for software development projects such as mobile application development, while showing footage from Intetics development offices and parts of the development process.

The video was completed in partnership with Awarely, a membership-only organization showcasing ‘companies worth watching’. The new video clarifies the benefits of IT outsourcing and remote teams, explaining that companies that do not have the right resources to develop new technologies do not have to stay behind in the dust – Intetics can provide the exact software development resources to match their needs.

“We are proud of bulding teams where our clients can utilize the most profficient specialists,” Kontsevoi concludes the interview. “It’s not only about having the necessary resources, but having the best available resources for your technological needs.”

You can read and watch Boris Kontsevoi’s entire interview on IT outsourcing and technology here and watch the corporate video below.

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