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Belarusian State University Ranked in the Top 6 Worldwide

Belarusian State University (BSU) was ranked in the top 6 programming universities in the world based on the TopCoder Algorithm challenge held in 2012. Intetics is proud of the BSU programming success as many of the programmers employed at Intetics Belarusian development center are graduates of the BSU.

TopCoder is the first and most prestigious competitive programming community, where participants from universities all over the world choose among 11 challenges to compete and test their abilities. The Algorithm challenge, along with Component Design, Component Development, Marathon, and Studio challenges are some of the most popular competitions to enter. The TopCoder ranking system, which was developed in 2001 and is in many ways one of the most sophisticated ratings for programming competitions, is a three-fold assessment, ranking the individual participant ability, the overall success of the educational institution, and finally the country.

Intetics is proud of the BSU achievement because many of its own employees have completed their education there, but also because it shows growing popularity of programming in Belarus. The rapid improvement is evident especially because only five years ago BSU was ranked 17th in the world. But in 2012 the combined success of programmers from all Belarusian universities has earned the Republic of Belarus 6th place as one of the top programming countries in the world.

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