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Intetics Inc, a leading global technology company, is celebrating 25 (11001 in binary code) years of making an impact in IT business.
While the company was formed in 1995, it still retains the entrepreneurial spirit and startup mindset. In the early days, Intetics operated with 5 employees and has since grown to over 750 employees located in six offices around the world.

Since 1995, Intetics went the road from a boutique software development company to a globally recognized outsourcing organization, making an impact across such industries as healthcare, insurance, education, media and entertainment, logistics, eCommerce, IT, Finance and many more.

During this period, Intetics guided hundreds of companies from a startup idea to a full-scale company; created business methodologies, and frameworks, like Predictive Software Engineering (PSE), and models applied in outsourcing industry.

The company was recognized by IAOP as one of the best of the Global Outsourcing 100 organizations. Intetics proudly stands among sustaining Wikipedia donors and sponsor of Davos Houses at the World Greatest Economic Gathering.

Being guided by a Certified Outsourcing Professional, member of Forbes Technology Council, company President & CEO, Boris Kontsevoi, all these years the Intetics team exceeds just by accepting the software challenge. The perseverance of project managers, teams and engineers was rewarded by GSA UK awards, American Business Awards, Inc 5000 ranking, Software 500 ranking and HFS research company.

Intetics is proud to celebrate its 25th birthday and would like to say a big Thank You! to everyone who made the last twenty-five years possible. The spirit and desire to make great software and provide exceptional service is present at Intetics more than ever.

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