The Workshop ”Flex 4. New Features for RIA Development” will be held in Minsk, Belarus, organized and sponsored by Intetics

May 25, 2010, by Alex Yuruts

On May 29, 2010 Intetics and Belarusian Adobe Flash Platform User Group (BAFPUG) will hold a workshop ”Flex 4. New features for RIA development” in Minsk, Belarus. The event is dated for the Adobe Flash Builder 4 (Flex 4) release and will take place in the context of Flex 4 launch tour in Belarus.  

Speakers, Valery Pesetski, Manager BAFPUG, and Sergei Yazlovetski, Co-manager BAFPUG, are leaders of the Belarusian Adobe Flash Platform User Group.

The presentation ”Flash Builder” of Valery Pesetski features the new Flash Builder 4 functionality, which helps to create a data intensive application within minutes, and then to add its video rendering, interaction and transitions within several minutes using Flash Catalyst. The presentation will also demonstrate how to create and launch Unit Tests and make integration with Flash IDE.

Sergei Yazlovetski in his presentation ”Flex 4 Gumbo” will speak about new features of the framework, namely about new components and their skinning, states, effects, etc. Besides, he will discuss FXG and Advanced CSS, and also demonstrate that creating RIA using new Flex SDK becomes even easier and more exciting.

The workshop will be conducted at Belarusian State University (BSU) main building, room 522, (4, Nezavisimosti av., Minsk, Belarus, metro station – Independence Square). Beginning is at 14:30 with duration about 2.5 hours.

Registration for the event is obligatory.

If you do not have ID but would like to participate in the Workshop, please get your ID at the Adobe website. Then join the Workshop at the BAFRUG group site in RSVP.

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