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Intetics receives Software & Technology Innovation Award by Corporate Vision Magazine

Corporate Vision Magazine has awarded Intetics with the Software and Technology Innovation 2016 award. The magazine is a monthly source of latest industry trends and executive thought-leadership. It also strives to expose the best and brightest executives and companies in their industry.

Intetics was awarded the Software and Technology Innovation award. The award recipients are chosen based on merit. To identify winners, votes from industry partners are gathered first, followed by rigorous in-house research conducted by industry insiders and corporate specialists. Each nominee is carefully evaluated based on their 12-month performance, achievements in contrast to their competition, and commitment to innovation.

Software and technology innovation award corporate vision intetics predictive software engineering

The award is being published in the magazine’s September 2016 issue. Following the award, Corporate Vision magazine featured Intetics President and CEO Boris Kontsevoi on their September 2016 issue cover and interviewed Kontsevoi about the company’s latest software and technology innovations. Kontsevoi spoke about the state of software services today and the company’s new software development process called Predictive Software Engineering.

Predictive Software Engineering (PSE) is a new way to create custom software products in a way that’s transparent, more inclusive of all stakeholders, and ensures that the software development process is precise and predicable. As a result of this process, clients receive a high-quality software product within a guaranteed timeframe.

“Many companies have experience in managing distributed teams, but the market lacks the ability to measure the results. In fact, there’s an entire market shift from paying per hour or per service, to paying for concrete and guaranteed solutions. PSE is a software product development framework that does precisely that: a disciplined delivery process with guaranteed results,” says Kontsevoi.

Read the full article on page 10 below or click here.

About Corporate Vision Magazine

Taking in everything from business strategy, expert opinion, analysis, corporate case studies, emerging trends, leadership, growth opportunities, and the challenges facing our country’s foremost business leaders, Corporate Vision is an invaluable resource for leaders and decision makers looking, not only to be informed, but to improve the way they manage their operations, staff, technology, business partnerships, and supply chains with a view to creating a more profitable and successful business.

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