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Intetics gives an interview to a Chicago-based international business development consultancy

May 5, 2008

Alex Golod, Intetics´ Managing Partner, has recently given a three-part interview to Michael Muth, Managing Director of GATA, a Chicago-based international business development consultancy.

In part one of the interview, Golod focuses primarily on the evolution of Intetics, the services it provides and the areas of specialization. He reveals what it takes to guarantee high standards of quality in the outsourcing market and withstand Asian competition.

In the second part he discusses standard ways of intellectual property protection practiced by Intetics, makes an overview of their stuff qualification and dwells upon the reasons of establishing the company´s development centre in Kharkiv, Ukraine and moving their headquarters to Chicago.

The third part of the interview is devoted to the major economic issues. Golod shares his thoughts on the politics of the Belarusian government, degree of its interference with the privately-owned businesses, its IT supporting initiatives, and comments on the statements made by the U.S. Departments of State and Commerce regarding the Belarusian economy in general.

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