Discover IT Belarus in Tokyo

Discover IT Belarus in Tokyo

On March 14th in Tokyo, Japan, members of Hi-Tech Park (HTP) Belarus in association with JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization), organized a conference to discuss cooperation opportunities between Japanese and Belarusian companies.

JETRO and its associates took charge of the entire organization process. They prepared the meeting place, technology, which included synchronized Japanese-Russian translation, and invited several Japanese companies.

The Embassy of Belarus in Japan also took part in the event. Belarus’s current Ambassador to Japan, Sergei Rakhmanov, opened the event with a graceful speech about the incredible benefits that cooperation between the two countries can unlock.

The next person to speak was Alexander Martinkevich, Deputy Director of HTP Belarus, who spoke about the achievements of the Belarusian IT industry and highlighted the benefits of working with Belarusian companies. His speech was followed by JETRO’s representative, who spoke about the economic benefits of Belarus, complementing the previous speakers with data and statistical visualizations.

After the introductions, several companies presented additional information associated with the Belarusian IT industry. Amongst some linguistic confusions associated with simultaneous translation, Intetics captured the audience with its presentation on distributed teams made completely in Japanese, by Intetics Regional Director Yoshio Sugano, and supplemented its message with Japanese brochures and souvenirs, which turned out to be an unexpected hit at the conference.

The event concluded with a networking and a Q&A session. Read more about managing distributed teams here.

Or contact us for the Japanese version.

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