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Belarus and Ukraine Are World Leaders for Programming and Intellectual Skills

The results of the Bench Games, an international online skills competition, were announced on October 28th 2013. The worldwide competition that evaluated countries and individuals was hosted by BrainBench, a premier testing agency that measures and certifies individual skills and achievement. Belarus and Ukraine ranked among top ten countries for both number of certifications and number of Master certifications received during the competition.

BrainBench hosted the two-week long Bench Games where participants took tests and received certifications based on their results. The final rankings were derived from the number of certifications and Master level certifications (top 20% of test takers) each country’s participants received. The two Eastern European countries, Belarus and Ukraine, which are also prime destinations for software development outsourcing, ranked among the top most certified countries. Ukraine ranked No.3 (following USA and India) for the number of certifications received, and Belarus ranked No. 7, ahead of countries such as Canada, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic and China. Most certifications earned by participants from Belarus and Ukraine scored in the top 20% on their tests. As a result most participants received Master level certifications, with Ukraine ranking 2nd in the world and Belarus ranking 7th. The inclusion in Master level certifications shows that Ukrainian and Belarusian professionals not only know their subjects, but they know them at an expert level. Almost all Intetics software developers hold Brainbench certificates, a fact that attests to their professional expertise.

Belarusian and Ukrainian participants particularly excelled in technical and managerial skill tests, receiving certification in subjects such as .Net Framework, Java & Javascript, Cisco systems, MS Administration, Oracle, AJAX, PHP, C#, C++, SQL, Web Engineering & Administration, and Mobile Development (such as Android). The participants also demonstrated their non-technical skills, receiving certificates for subjects such as Presentation Skills, Project Management and Customer Requirements Analysis. For the full table of country rankings and individual certifications click here.

Belarus and Ukraine have a longstanding history of excellent education, especially in the technical and scientific fields. Due to the extensive technical training, the two countries boast a large number of software developers and engineers. In fact, all of Intetics employees have advanced computer science degrees and hold over 600 Microsoft and Brainbench certificates. If you are interested in how Belarusian or Ukrainian software experts can help your company achieve better results, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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