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Intetics Centers of Competence

At Intetics Centers of Competence regarded as a hub of industry expertise. They united best in class specialists who focus on the core competencies of our company. With the knowledge they accumulated over the years of experience and through running R&D activities, they know how to bring innovation to our projects.
Intetics Centers of Competence were created to foster the intake of new knowledge and their implementation on clients’ projects to help them enter the market competition and be ahead of the pack.

Our Core Competences


Intetics specialists use best practices to deliver SAP solutions to cover any industry-specific goals and needs. If you want your business run better, faster, and more profitably, we know how to make it.


If you are looking for an efficient approach to transform business processes, improve quality and achieve cost-effectiveness, RPA is your rescue. We know how to make the robotic software work for you.


Create new revenue opportunities and lower operational costs by managing your connected devices. We can help you to connect every device to drive positive business results.

Amazon Web Services

Intetics helps companies to use Amazon Web Services for reliable, scalable, and inexpensive transfer to cloud computing. Leverage AWS to boost business processes.


Look at your product quality from the quantitative side. Our technical debt reduction platform (TETRA) assesses the product to identify the product potential and predict its lifecycle.


Make the numbers work for your business. With the comprehensive experience in data gathering and analysis, Intetics knows how to organize the process that gives the detailed business insight.

Why involving Center of Competence on your projects matters?

With dedicated Center of Competence’ specialist in your development team you can

  • Maintain and provide upgrades for a strategic business application
  • Improve efficiency and profitability
  • Control costs by choosing right solutions
  • Expand into new markets
  • Get expert opinion and support
  • Create new products