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Is IoT On Your Radar?

According to the IDC, there will be 55.7 billion connected devices worldwide by 2025, 75% of which will be connected to an Internet of Things (IoT) platform. IoT is finding its way across various industries and applications, and the data generated from these devices is creating new opportunities to improve business outcomes.

To share experiences and discuss IoT best practices, the Global Suppliers Association (GSA) will host a SourcingTech event on September 15th.

The GSA is an international industry association aimed to bring together up-and-coming talents and leaders of the IT market.

Intetics’ global vision and innovations will be represented at the event by Maksim Evsukov, the Head of Geo Software and AI Solutions.

Maksim will share insights on how to use advanced IoT technologies in Agriculture, from Data Collection to building yield analytics systems and smart farming.

The choice of IoT technologies is not limited to this area; they can help you achieve your business goals in many other areas.

You are welcome to discuss IoT opportunities for your business with our expert!

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Wednesday, Sep 15, 2021
09:30 UTC+01:00
Maksim Evsukov

Head of Geo Software and AI Solutions