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Outsourcing for startups: worth it or not?

A common scenario: you have an idea on your mind – some innovative software that looks a very promising startup. You believe that your idea is great and can change the lives of many people and for sure your own life for the better. But are you stuck and don’t know how to make your dream come true? That’s the moment you feel that you need a reliable business partner with passion to make something brilliant, some talented team with deep understanding of your needs and experience of bringing idea to life. After a long and fruitless search you find that:

  • Highly qualified resources are a scarce commodity
  • Experienced specialists cost money

Now turning your idea into successful startup seems not that easy, does it? If only someone could show you what to do, for a reasonable price of course. It’s time to ask yourself – is outsourcing a good option for you? And here come the fears. Your team will be so far away – how would you be able to control the process and be sure those guys are as passionate about a problem you are solving, as you are. Are they really good specialists? Is your intellectual property in safe hands?

To allay all these concerns, Intetics suggests a new business philosophy called “Remote In-Sourcing”®. The model is specially designed for small and medium size businesses to enable them to gain competitive advantages of globalization and global labor and service markets. The model allows you to build a team (even a one-person team), that will work like a true extension of your in-house IT staff but working remotely in one of Intetics’ development centers in Eastern Europe. Remote In-Sourcing”® minimizes all the risks of traditional outsourcing. Our main approach is to build a true partner relationship, not a client-vendor one.

Intetics is on the same “trench” with you. We are passionate about growing your startup to a great success, using our 20-years experience of developing new businesses from the scratch, as we already did for tens of our partners.

What do you think now? Should Tech Startups outsource product development?

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