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Fall in Love with Ukrainian Programmers in 2014

Having earned international recognition for technically skilled and affordable IT professionals, Ukraine has become the emerging rockstar of outsourcing software development and IT services. Technology leaders all over the world choose to use Ukrainian outsourcing services due to professionalism, available talent, and considerable cost efficiency. Here are 5 reasons tech leaders fall in love with Ukrainian programmers:

1. The IT industry in Ukraine is booming
The Ukraine industry is estimated to have reached $2 billion in the past years, and is expected to continue to grow 10-13.5% (Here’s the research for 2012-2013). The industry growth has been largely due to recognition of talent and professionalism, as well as affordability, of Ukraine’s programmers. ?

2. Ukraine has a large number of highly specialized and talented IT professionals, second only to USA in their expertise
As 2013 came to a close, Brainbench, an international testing agency that certifies individual skills and achievements, announced the results of its annual Bench Games 2013. The Bench Games are an international competition that measures the level of certified professionals in over 50 countries. In 2013, Ukraine was ranked 2nd, preceded only by USA.

3. Ukraine’s IT professionals rank better than most other countries in the world
The Bench Games results also revealed that Ukraine’s master-certified professionals ranked better than professionals from most other countries that have considerable outsourcing markets. Ukraine’s IT professionals ranked better than developers from the Russian Federation, India, Philippines and Poland. And no wonder, Ukraine has 6% of world’s physicians, mathematicians and programmers — and only 1% of the world’s population (here’s more on Ukraine’s technical education).

4. Ukraine’s software engineers already proved their skills by developing world renown tech products
Ukrainian developers have been hired by a number of leading technology companies and developed a number of world famous software products. One such product is Skype, which was in part developed in Lviv. Hollywood technology professionals have also turned to Ukraine for development assistance with films such as Spiderman and Quantum of Solace. Other projects included concerts of international stars such as Madonna and AC/DC. The list can go on to include a number of other industries and products. Oh and the first functional computer on continental Europe? Yep. Developed in Ukraine.

5. Ukraine combines affordability & quality results like no other outsourcing destination
USA prides itself on their individual customer service, but suffers from huge costs. On the other hand, India is much cheaper, but most Indian vendors only offer large-scale development solutions. Ukraine occupies the golden niche in outsourcing IT services, and that’s why it ranks among the world’s most attractive outsourcing destinations. Ukraine’s outsourcing vendors can offer lower prices, without reducing the quality of their services. Ukrainian IT engineers can tackle complex projects, and deliver good work with accuracy, precision and innovation.

Read on to learn more about the Ukrainian IT industry.

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