Software Service Provider Integration: The Magic Matrix

How to Define a Good Service Provider Integration Strategy

June 7, 2017 White Papers

Magic MatrixSo you came with a great idea and even grew it into a real business. Now you need a software service provider to help with development.

Where do you start?
The first thing you need to do is determine what type of assistance you actually need and what level of integration will be required. You need a plan. You need an integration strategy. You need…the Magic Matrix.

In the Magic Matrix, we introduce you to four types of software service providers: the Doer, the Assistant, the Adviser, and the Partner. We then help you map out the desired level of integration, contract type, and business model. You’ll end up with a crystal clear and organized chart that can be used throughout the entire selection and implementation process.

If you’re an organization currently considering software development services or an executive looking to standardize processes for your current development team, this paper is for you.

Think about what you really need.

Before considering any service providers, the first step is to meet with your current team and brainstorm about the upcoming project. What are the goals, milestones, expectations, and timeline? How big of a team do you think you will need? What would be your ideal arrangement for working with an outside provider?

As part of your brainstorming session, be sure to ask yourself the following questions…

  • Do you need your service provider to possess domain knowledge?
  • To what extent do you want the provider to be involved in your business?
  • Do you want the outside team to be involved in the decision-making process?
  • Do you need a custom development strategy or want the team to recommend and follow industry-proven frameworks?
  • Do you want the outside team to align with a task backlog or work as per your requests?
  • Do you need a dedicated QA team on the project?
  • Do you need a production support team?
  • What level of team engagement in product management do you prefer?

As you answer these questions, you’ll start to get a clearer picture of your overall requirements. This will help determine if you need a Doer, an Assistant, an Advisor, or a Partner. It will also pinpoint the level of integration and involvement you need from your provider when it comes to the overall decision-making process.

Ready to start building your Magic Matrix? Click here to download the full white paper and get further instructions.

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