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Magic Matrix Of Software Service Provider Integration

Magic Matrix Of Software Service Provider Integration

Whenever launching a new software project, one of the first decisions every executive has to make is to choose the right software service provider and to define its integration strategy. This is always a difficult decision coupled with multiple challenges.

In this paper we go over the primary criteria executives should consider when defining the level of service provider integration to the project and business. The paper is to serve companies evaluating software development services, executives striving to standardize provider collaboration processes, and project teams engaged in the service provider selection.

When you start developing an ideal integration strategy, do not rush into provider assessments. Take your time and think of the kind of software service provider you need. In what role would the service provider act?

For the purpose of integration into a software development initiative providers can be divided into four common types: Doer, Assistant, Adviser, and Partner.

What kind of partnership do you need?

Each type of software service providers offers a different level of integration. Therefore, before choosing the best one for your project and business, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you need a software service provider to possess domain knowledge?
  • To what extent do you want the provider to be involved in your business?
  • Do you need the software service provider team to be involved in the decision-making process?
  • Do you need a custom development strategy or want the team to recommend and follow the industry proven frameworks?
  • Do you want the provider team to align with a task backlog or work as per your requests?
  • Do you need a dedicated QA team on the project?
  • Do you need a production support team?
  • What level of team engagement into product management do you prefer?

With these answers in your mind, start creating the integration matrix. Using the questions above as the main points of your matrix, start adding your requirements going upwards from the minimum to the maximum. The deeper integration you need, the more sophisticated the partnership you get.

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