Senior Ruby Developer


Intetics Ukraine is looking for an experienced Ruby engineer to work on development of our new project.

Our project is an online service of automated analysis, prioritization and escalation of customer complaints for various services. Right now the project is an intermediate state between one single solid and microservice application (the process of microservices separation and creation is not completed yet).

There are a lot of new and interesting technologies on the project (for example, graph data base neo4j that is used for NLP — natural language processing).

Our client is from London, product management is done from the client side, work with requirements, architecture and development are done by our developers (distributed team consisting of 11 Senior and Strong Middle developers).

What we expect the most from your skill set: RoR, Rspec, Capybara, Capistrano, MySQL/MongoDB, AWS

What is important: confident backend, good knowledge of English (for active direct communication with the client either by voice or by chat), bases (SQl, noSQL), willingness to learn different instruments, experience with frontend would be a plus.

Would be awesome if you have experience with React or Angular, microservices.


P.S. We are not looking for a 100% fit, we want an experienced RoR developer who will be ready to learn new technologies on the go :)

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