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Are you striving for new career opportunities and would like to work in a company that has an extensive business portfolio and an excellent production process? If you have a strong background in software development services, and are ready to take on new challenges then please feel free to apply!

The project has been built by consumers who have a wealth of experience in dealing with service companies. The system gives you the ability to complain about a particular service or company and have that complaint be quickly resolved in a simple, smart and convenient way. Unlike traditional complaint procedures, our system not only guides, but supports you throughout the complex and tedious complaint process. It makes a predictive analysis about the complaint and provides the company with recommendations for the next steps which should be taken in order to resolve the complaint. In addition, it helps a company keep track of their complaints and enables them to store all relevant information securely in one place.


Project specifics:

  • Direct communication with the client (UK)
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) + cognitive services
  • Professional team of senior developers
  • Different persistent storages (MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redis, Neo4J)
  • DevOps
  • Real production
  • Requirements analysis
  • RoR, React, Rspec, Capybara, Capistrano, MySQL/MongoDB, AWS
  • New RoR application
  • Make design and architectural decisions
  • Develop quality code according to the best practices
  • Cover the code with specs
  • Maintenance of infrastructure

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Daria Kuntseva

Daria Kuntseva

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