Junior Software Developer (RPA)


Do you want to gain work experience from real projects and start your career in international IT company? Then InteticsLab is waiting for you!

InteticsLab is an intensive course that consists mostly of practice and also includes a bit of theoretical part. The course is aimed at preparing you for the real-life projects.

Why choose us?

Our lecturers are PMs and developers with rich experience who will explain you a lot of work peculiarities on practical examples. They will also help you get a sense of the project core and feel more comfortable during work. From our side we promise to create the most comfortable environment so that you become  a pro in the hottest technology – Robotic Process Automation.

And can you guess the best part about it? Our courses are totally free! Moreover, our interns even get bursary.

In case of successful course completion we will invite you to join our team.

What is RPA?

RPA is a technology that is aimed to automate monotonous and structured processes that do not require any decision-making or analysis. Such tasks can include filling the forms, data entry, data verification, etc. All these actions can be performed by the program robots, which have their own virtual work space, work on virtual screen and are not programmed but set up for delivering specific solutions.

We will teach you how to create such robots and integrate them into the company work process.

What’s next?

Afterwards you will independently transform business-processes of the biggest international companies (Fortune 500 level)!

What do we expect from you?

  • You are an undergrad Engineering or Tech student or you have already completed your education. ITgraduatesfitustoo!
  • You know and can use Microsoft Technology (VB .NET, Windows, SQL Server, Web Services, MS Office);
  • You understand rules and principles of analysis, design, development, code implementation and support in different context;
  • You know basic cyber security principles;
  • You understand how business processes are built and used;
  • You know English at least on the Intermediate level;
  • After complete course completion you are ready and willing to work full-time (40 hours per week);
  • You have basic coding skills (Java, .Net, C#, C++, Python) – even though it’s not necessary it will be a huge advantage;
  • Experience with IT-companies is not necessary at all!


How to get enrolled?

  1. Follow the link (com/training)
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Download test task, complete it by uploading the archive to the necessary column
  4. Get invited to Intetics for an interview
  5. Make the cut and join our InteticsLab!


Deadline for the applications – 1 May

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Nataliya Shcherbina

Nataliya Shcherbina

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