Process Automation
for Banking

Clicks minimization. Routine tasks automation. Accuracy improvement
Leading a financial, regulatory compliance, or customer success department of a bank you may have seen the tremendous number of repeatable operations done by your managers’ team manually every day.


What else could be automated?

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    Data identification: OCR, Data identification and classification (invoice numbers, transaction numbers, names, etc.)

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    Files and Folders management (creation, renaming, comparing, merging, deletion, etc.)

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    Notifications, e-mails creation, sending, sorting, and replying

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    Clicks of any purpose (Copy and Pasting, etc)

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    CBS, ERP, CRM data management

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    Whatever else, you would not want to do manually

Featured Cases

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The Platform for Extracting Features From LiDAR Data Decreased the Manual Processing Time by 60%
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Credit Cards Statements’ Automated Management

Collecting, Updating, Filling and Maintaining the POI Database for a Global Navigation Corporation

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Field Data Collection Services and Build-in-Place Teams – 30k+ MI. Of North American Highways and 27k+ KM of Europe Surveyed in 3 Months

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