Web Space Station®

Full-Scale Web Development Services for Business
  • We have been doing Web development since 1997, dating from the very early times of WWW.

    Have a look at our historical video from 2001.

    To ensure consistency and completeness of your project, we provide full-scale services, from graphic & UI design to web system implementation to managing CX (customer experience).

    Our Web development life cycle is based on our mature SDLC, Software Development Lifecycle, and includes Business Needs & Requirements Analysis, Prototyping, Design, Implementation, Integration and Testing, and Maintenance.

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As seen in 2001
Case Studies
Web-Portal for Agricultural Enterprise – Storing and Viewing the Field’s Data in Real-time
Remotes In-Sourcing Team Significantly Enhanced Cloud Solution by Moving to Microservices and Elasticity
Redevelopment of an omnichannel eLearning Platform
Intetics Remote In-Sourcing Team Created and Supports One of the Biggest Health Portals in the USA, Serving 5m People a Year
Intetics Team Scaled a Logistics Company Business to Transport Millions of Tons of Cargo Every Day
Bookmaker Doubles Processing Speed of 5 Million Customer Queries with Automation by Intetics
Award-Winning Web-Based Education Platform from South Africa to Worldwide
A Navigation Company Expands Car Parking Coverage and Automates the Processes with a New Data Processing Platform
Web System Improves Customers’ Satisfaction by 30%, Resolving 94% of Complaints Without Escalation
A Precision Agronomics StartUp Partners With Intetics To Create An App Used In 4 Countries
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