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Your Benefits with Offshore Dedicated Team®
  • Dedicated development team, with relevant skills for your project
  • Most efficient development process guaranteed (environment, processes, communication, tools)
  • Zero initial investment to form a team and development environment
  • Great quality and outstanding user experience baked into your software
  • Leverage a vast pool of software engineering talent and mature software development methodology
  • Free up your time to focus on growing your business
  • Easy-to-budget fixed cost per team, plus flexibility for ongoing changes
  • 20-40% cost savings with 90%+ team member retention rate
Case Studies
The Platform for Extracting Features From LiDAR Data Decreased the Manual Processing Time by 60%
Collecting, Updating, Filling and Maintaining the POI Database for a Global Navigation Corporation
Field Data Collection Services and Build-in-Place Teams – 30k+ MI. Of North American Highways and 27k+ KM of Europe Surveyed in 3 Months
Precise Geofencing Improves Retail Business with Shoppers’ Behavior Analysis Inside Malls and on the Streets
Remotes In-Sourcing Team Significantly Enhanced Cloud Solution by Moving to Microservices and Elasticity
Redevelopment of an omnichannel eLearning Platform
Multi-Functional Application for In-Vitro Diagnostics and Digital Microscopy
Intetics Remote In-Sourcing Team Created and Supports One of the Biggest Health Portals in the USA, Serving 5m People a Year
For 10+ Years, Intetics Operates the Specialized Data Processing Center To Expand the Global Footprint of the World Leader in the Mapping Industry
Disaster-Response Platform Helps Electric Power Holding Company Contain Costs up to 20%
Diabetes _ Glucose Monitoring Became Available for Everyone as a New Feature in a Mobile Application
Bookmaker Doubles Processing Speed of 5 Million Customer Queries with Automation by Intetics
Award-Winning Web-Based Education Platform from South Africa to Worldwide
A Navigation Company Expands Car Parking Coverage and Automates the Processes with a New Data Processing Platform
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