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Талантливая команда, которая больше 20 лет помогает добиваться успеха клиентам со всего мира.

Более 500 единомышленников с креативным мышлением и инновационными идеями.

Отличная атмосфера драйва и взаимовыручки.

Потенциал для самосовершенствования, карьерного роста и самореализации.

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500+ Employees
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40+ Projects
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61.740 We Make Pauses Liters

Every month Intetics emploeyees drink more than 20 000 cups of coffee and tea in pauses between creating great software for our clients. It is more than 60000 litres per year - such amount of fuel needs Airbus A320 for return flight from Minsk to Chicago.

Мы разрабатываем
  • Java

    29,4 %
  • .NET

    27,4 %
  • PHP

    19,6 %
  • Dba

    10,4 %
  • Let’s count the most popular technologies
    between our professionals

30We Make Business Countries

Intetics worked with clients from 30 countries of
every inhabited continent

Higher Education Rate We Are

92 %

Average Age We Are

hockey field

1.440 Sq. metres

Size of our development centre in Minsk is close to square of hockey playground. Twice of that we have in Ukraine.


per Month



From Candidate to Employee: How-to Guide

  • 1. Send your CV
  • 2. Have interview with Intetics recruiter and tech specialists
  • 3. Impress our client with your experience and expertise on the next interview
  • 4. Get job offer from Intetics
  • 5. Welcome on board!

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