Web-Based Application By Intetics Helps A Global Telecommunications Company To Deliver A World-Class System

Web-Based Application By Intetics Helps A Global Telecommunications Company To Deliver A World-Class System


Develop a Web application to increase the productivity of content providers and call center operators and ensure quick access to marketing information


Our Client is a global telecommunications company specialized in delivering solutions for major European mobile phone network providers as EverythingEverywhere, Orange, and T-Mobile.
Starting from 2003 the Client develops a competitor intelligence tool that delivers timely, accurate information on the tariffs, deals, and handsets being offered by competitors.
The company started developing the solution on their own, but soon realized it would be disadvantageous in terms of finance and resources. In 2005 the company started to search for a flexible supplier with solid expertise in the telecommunication domain. One of the main criteria for choosing the software vendor was the ability to embrace the Client’s Agile delivery model. Intetics could meet all the requirements.


The first step in the development process was centered on updating and enhancing a Web-based application earlier developed by the Client team. The application should have been created mainly for content providers and call center operators and intended for quick access to classified marketing information.

The initial scope of work of our team included app modification, UI redesign, and quality assurance. However, increase the functionality of the application and improve its ability for future enhancements the Intetics team proposed to develop a new system from scratch. Having analyzed the business efficiency of this proposal the Client accepted the offer.

Iterative development methodology applied by the team enabled the customer to keep a check on and influence the whole development process. The length of iterations could vary depending on the customer’s needs, which made the process flexible and easily adaptable.

Upon successful completion of every iteration, the customer provided developers with a set of features and their priorities to be implemented within a new iteration. Ongoing feedbacks and reviews from the Client helped to achieve worthy results.

To ensure that the project ran smoothly and flawlessly, the team gathered daily for a status meeting to consider the work performed and set the workflow for the coming period. Every two weeks a retrospective meeting took place. The team analyzed the issues in the process of development, management, testing, and customer cooperation spheres, detected their causes and suggested possible solutions.

A year of close cooperation with the customer resulted in a profound application possessing impressive Search, Comparing, and Content Management features. The system architecture included a MySQL database for relational data and ImageMagick library for processing handset images, with the business logic of the system being realized via Java classes.

Technologies Utilized

  •  Technologies:Java 1.6, Spring, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML, XML, XSLT, JUnit, MySQL, Amazon services(EC2, RDS, SES, S3, ElastiCache, VPC,CloudWatch)
  • Supported DB: MySQL 4.1, Amazon RDS
  • Application Servers: Tomcat 5.X
  • Operating Systems: Linux Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS
  •  Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome
  • Tools: JIRA (task management, issue tracking); Confluence (collaboration and documentation); Subdivision (source code control); Jenkins (CI server); Test Director & Thucydides (test management and automation framework)

The members of Intetics's Offshore Dedicated Team work closely with us focusing hard on building a sound understanding of our business. Our partnership has enabled us to consistently deliver world-class systems to our clients.


After the successful application launch in 2006, the Intetics team cooperated with the Client to implement major upgrades to the system.  Our solution successfully extended the Client’s portfolio with a wide range of applications in customers acquisition and retention area.  After almost 10 years of close cooperation, solutions like in-store touchscreen kiosks for sales agents, customer-facing online shops, mobile-optimized and call-center internal tools, tablet-oriented services were developed and being actively supported by the Intetics team. Deep integration with internal telecommunication provider’s services and APIs was established.

Company representatives visited their offshore outsourcing partner twice a year for the purpose of project monitoring, process control, and team-building. The lead IT specialists of the offshore dedicated team also perform regular trips to the Client headquarters to discuss the project issues and set the milestones of their future work.

Frequent communication, sharing common goals and business values allows providing high-quality product development and quickly adapt to changing market in the condition of project tight timeframes.

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