Voice Recognition and Analysis System Helps to Increase Client Engagement

Voice Recognition and Analysis System Helps to Increase Client Engagement


Increase user engagement and retention rate


Our client is a US-based software development company that provides management software to wide networks of businesses, providing or using telecommunication services. As a long-term player on the market, our Client is deeply involved in the analysis of user/operator interaction and its impact on the new client’s engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Upon analysis of the issues, that every Telco service faces, like capturing dropped calls and converting calls into scheduled appointments, our Client decided to enhance its VOIP service with voice recognition system and machine learning algorithms to analyze the conversation path and behavior of operator and a calling client.

Set of goals:

Main: to improve rate for client engagement and retention based on real-time data processing, analysis, use of predictive algorithms depending on customers’ behavior.

Goals in operational areas:
– Set up a process of client acquisition management
– Marketing campaigns support, analysis, improvement
– Client base activation
– Customer service and support ultimate improvement
– HR & Training for the staff


Collaborating with Intetics as a technology partner and a software development service provider, the Client has initiated the process of system development.
As a result, the produced system delivers the following sophisticated technical functions and business possibilities:

1. Call-сenter management
The system works as a universal tool for call operators’ management and performance analysis.

One of the major business objectives was a goal to increase the client’s satisfaction from interaction with the institution’s personnel. One of the ways to meet such expectations is to use predefined best practices in leading call center conversations. Since the flow of the conversation highly influences its results, client’s comfort, and the probability of an arranged appointment, all conversations shall be built in accordance with the predefined script. To achieve that, an analysis of the adherence of the operator’s behavior to the pre-scripted algorithm is required. Depending on the client’s responses and by using voice recognition through the Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, a developed system evaluates the adherence of the operator behavior to the script. The conversation is analyzed in real-time and in case of deviation of the operator reactions from the prescriptions, the Manager receives the alerts and may join the conversation right away to control and improve the conversation flow.

Such a way of a call processing allows an organization to thoroughly analyze the outcome of every call and its value for the business.

2. AI-driven call center

Based on the recognition of clients’ responses and using the database of different algorithms and different communication patterns, the system proposes to call operator certain conversation flow.

Thus, based on best practices, the solution creates improved communication for every client.
By this, the most successful conversational approaches are created.

3. Scoring

According to the adherence to the predefined rules, the system rates every operator’s conversation. Considering call efficiency and how strictly personnel follows the prescriptions, the system evaluates the efficiency of each team member.

Such a scoring system, based on the actual performance of the operator, allows businesses to set transparent and measurable KPIs for the staff. As a result, it helps to build an efficient system of personnel incentives, encouraging call operators to contribute to the client’s engagement.

4. Intelligent content management

The speech recognition service allows efficiently manage user retention rate by providing them with relevant content.
Analyzing clients’ inquiries, search requests, consultation data, the system offers users relevant information. For instance, insights about the nearest points of interest, available time for visits and so on.

This stimulates engagement and loyalty, boosts the number of returning clients, and as a result increases ROI for the business.

Results and Benefit

Partnering with Intetics, our Client launched to the market a solution that helps to solve major pain of institutions: increase client’s engagement by well-conducted interactions with personnel and more accurate addressing their needs during conversations

Client management automation via integration with the various CRM systems/Call center management automation has become another advantage of the solution. It distributes the workload, supervises operators’ work, creation efficiency and performance reports that help optimize the workflow and operators’ skills growth

Building up transparent KPI systems for the personnel assessment, bonuses calculation as well as the external marketing source evaluation cost/efficiency-wise

Since the solution runs a detailed analysis of clients’ requests, reactions, speech, and behavior, it provides business with data for advanced marketing capabilities. Using them, the institution can address the specific needs of the client with tailored content: informational or educational

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