Visual Delivery Reconstruction for International Finance Center

Visual Delivery Reconstruction for International Finance Center

Quick Facts

100+ pages designed
3 platform versions developed
4 workshops conducted
50 pizzas eaten



To rebuild the existing website into a platform with enticing, fresh look aiming to attract new partners and ensure convenient communication path for professionals.


Intetics’s client, a company representing the International Financial Centre, decided to redesign the existing corporate website to improve performance and user experience.
One of the main challenges was to create a solution that will align various types of users and address their unique needs under one umbrella, creating a convenient and intuitive flow for each of them.
It could be advisors, lawyers, and regulators, seeking specific legal information, or investors, media, researchers, and just citizens – browsing for governmental information for their own needs.

In the proposal, we suggested rebuilding not only design but the brand positioning of our Client. This organization has various types of users and it shall be perceived as a guide into the world of new opportunities and a guard of the law.

Keeping in mind that the true purpose of branding is to emphasize the value of the proposed service for the users, we have aimed to shift from just information repository reputation to a helpful and engaging governmental platform, built for the citizens, as their advisor.


We proposed the following approach: discover the requirements and current situation, conduct a set of workshops to dive deeply into numerous possible workflow streams. Afterward based on gathered information and expectations propose several options for design layout and implement the proposed solution after its negotiation and approval. The Client found the work structure perfectly matching their vision.

We kicked off the project running a solid discovery phase. Having set series of workshops and stakeholders’ interviews, allowed us to analyze the platform from different perspectives: system users, stakeholders, administration, and from the standpoint of business needs that it shall solve.

Based on gathered information during the discovery phase, we have created user experience strategy. We completely redesigned the information structure on the new website. Content delivery became more attractive, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate.

The Intetics team presented a new visualization of the Client’s services, creating transparent content hierarchy, and enticing visual concepts. As a result, we have launched a new website on desktop, tablet, and mobile versions.

1. The value of information

The website focuses on highlighting business opportunities in an easy to understand, very conversational manner right from the journey start. The first impression is equal to hearing an elevator pitch about the business perspectives in the region.

2. Customized guidance

By allowing users to choose the information that is important to them, we can make the website unique to the user and reduce the clutter of content that is not relevant to them.

This is a good way to establish a relationship with users and increase engagement, influencing their retention and loyalty.

3. Engaging by visual content

Visual content involves people in a most enticing way. Images draw the attention of the user and immerse them into the content. Videos give a perfectly clear impression and arise the desire to be a part of a similar story. Adding a dynamic feel to the website is essential, as it portrays the real-life environment and engages the user.

4. Being helpful
It is important that our Client begins to assist its users from their first steps, guides them to their destination, and helps to complete the task at hand quickly.


  • .NET
  • JavaScript

Benefits and Results

  • We have completely rebuilt the brand perception of the Client, moving from information desk with boring legacy design to a modern looking enticing platform, representing a leading internationally recognized financial center;
  • Created a clear web site structure to deliver the value of Clients services and propositions for different groups of users
  • Due to the high volume of fresh-looking engaging visual content and intuitive conversational interaction paths increased user acquisition and retention

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