The Global Navigation Corporation Fills and Maintains the POI Database With the Help of Intetics Remote Team

The Global Navigation Corporation Fills and Maintains the POI Database With the Help of Intetics Remote Team

Quick Facts

10 times reduction of cost

3 continents covered

3+ years of successful cooperation


To verify, assess, and improve the POI database for a navigation app.


The client, a wireless location-based services corporation that provides services including Global Positioning System satellite navigation, local search, automotive navigation solutions, etc., needed timely POI data verification, newly opened POI’s collection, update, and PoI national importance assessment to keep the database 100% precise.

The client chose Intetics as their data collection partner to get fast and accurate results.


For accelerated data validation, Intetics ramped up a team of remote engineers that allowed quickly launch the verification process. The remote experts validate data for multiplicity of businesses, create new samples for the client’s database, and for different quality assessment operations of vendors data.

The team processed the information provided in several languages by applying the following techniques.

#1 Quest the information among different search engines
Various POI data was collected, checked, analyzed and updated using a high number of open internet sources to create and validate samples of data by different requests for specific assessment needs.

#2 Verification and confirmation of information by means of phone calls
The team implemented automation to improve data processing and speed it up. Automation was used both during the pilot stage and the production period.

#3 Using maps and street view for determining the point location and exact coordinates collection
To indicate the exact point location were used different web mapping and geolocation services.

#4 Employment of specialists’ language-specific skills to improve the knowledge base
Analysis and verification of various linguistic data was carried out to improve the work of system search engines.

Intetics’ team of qualified managers provide impressing scalability of performed work depending on current demand. Wide variety of tasks is being done with high performance level by remote team.

Benefit and Result

The client managed to enhance quality of services over North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia working with data in different languages, identifying correct location of POIs.

The client gets plurality of types of work done with the high quality at low cost through a remote experienced team within shorter terms.

Well-established processes allow the client systematically and regularly obtain upgraded data to improve the quality of services they provide to millions of people.

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