Offshore Dedicated Team® for SupplementSpot Nutrients

Offshore Dedicated Team<sup>®</sup> for SupplementSpot Nutrients



SupplementSpot Nutrients ( is an online retailer offering health products including life-extension supplements, herbs, and treatments.

SupplementSpot online store is a part of the Yahoo! Store system for managing orders and inventory, processing transactions, and promoting business. Initially, Intetics was hired to create a new, contemporary design for the SupplementSpot Nutrients Web site,reorganize the content, and make necessary programming customizations of the RMTL (Yahoo-specific) templates. After the project was successfully completed, the client requested that a dedicated team of Intetics’ specialists work on a permanent basis for further development and maintenance of the SupplementSpot Nutrients’ online stores.


The offshore dedicated team managed by SupplementSpot Nutrients re-designed and perfected the company’s online store, streamlined the purchasing process by customizing a number of the Yahoo! Store system modules, integrated a Wellness Test to help SupplementSpot Nutrients’ customers and visitors uncover their potential health problems, developed a new Web site targeted at European customers, built a prescription drugs service Web site and weight management online store. The tasks allocated by SupplementSpot Nutrients and performed by the dedicated team on an everyday basis involve processing data on products offered for sale, synchronizing data between different sites, performing search engine optimization and submission, and providing various maintenance and support services. The team has gradually developed skills and accumulated knowledge that is an asset usedat the customer’s benefit. The tools, technologies, and languages utilized in the work of the team included Yahoo! Store RTML, MySQL 3.2, Linux Red Hat 9, Perl, PHP, XML, Flash, osCommerce.


SupplementSpot Nutrients and Intetics have been connected by the ties of partnership relations for almost three years now. During this period, the revenue of the SupplementSpot Nutrients online store has grown significantly. SupplementSpot Nutrients have opened a wholesale Yahoo! Store that is also maintained by the dedicated team, and more stores are under construction. The number of SupplementSpot Nutrients’ reseller and affiliate Web sites serviced by the dedicated team is growing as well. An excellent choice for extended development or maintenance projects, the offshore dedicated team allows SupplementSpot Nutrients to directly control the overall process, to get prompt respond to the company’s needs, and to achieve high efficiency at a lower cost.

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