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    Supply Chain Management

    We help achieve improved and reliable service delivery at a reasonable cost.

    Here at Intetics, we understand the critical value of high-quality supply chain management solutions for business. They ensure company credibility along with client loyalty. Therefore, our main focus is developing solutions that comply with industry standards, deliver consistent service, and provide great visibility. We help our clients build flexibility from the outset. Intetics prides itself on creating and implementing five-star solutions for companies working across the following domains:

    • Healthcare
    • Retail
    • Automation & IoT

    Intetics’s client, OIA global company, a global supply chain management leader, delivering client a unique combination of global logistics, packaging and material sourcing solutions, decided to enrich its proprietary customer order management solution with new functionality. To ensure the on-time delivery of the updated solution, the company needed more engineers with the expertise in the development of the logistics software. The client approached Intetics with the request to ramp up a team.

    The freight and vehicles exchange service provider contacted Intetics to integrate the Inspection Form Manager (IFM) – a free mobile application developed by Intetics) app with their existing IT system. Intetics developed an app that offered a comprehensive set of tools for managing inspection lists and could be used for Android and iOS mobile devices. The Client found that it contained most of the features they needed but required more customization,

    The solution an inventory management system that allows the company’s sales representatives and clients to use PDA devices with barcode capability for collecting information and handling the ordering/re-ordering process with maximum speed, accuracy, and efficiency. The core business logic of the system consists of the following components: Supply Company, Customer, Shelf, and Box (Material, Product). The overall functionality is integrated around these subsystems.

    The solution is an online wholesale store intended for customers who perform local inventory using the barcode reading technology. The application allows users to replenish supplies manually if they did not have a barcode scanner or in case of hardware failure during the automatic upload process. The application offers a shopping cart and enables users to create an individual shopping list for each shelf location within their facilities.

    A major manufacturer of optical lenses wanted to enhance and modernize their ordering process and strengthen their existing distributor network. The solution developed by Intetics’ developers reduced the error rate by 75%, reduced the time needed to process orders by 30%, and decreased completion time.

    The project objective was to create automated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for simplifying work with wide amount of requests for medical testing.

    After project completion testing facility received a complete functional LIMS System that matched processes within a short period of time.The system allowed collecting more accurate data by removing transcription errors and the need to use multiple spreadsheets, maintain electronic records to good practice (GxP) standards and bring about great time savings by increasing the efficiency of reporting and reducing the amount of quality control (QC) checking required on data.

    The Client noted data access improvements for external customer queries, simplification and automation of invoicing, productivity improvements, such as using barcoding for sample tracking, the
    automation of calculations and control of associated results. Additional benefits include more accurate planning and scheduling, eliminating manual transcription and duplication of data and simplifying access to laboratory data.

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