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    Portals & Communities

    Exceptional user experience and responsive web design

    Intetics offers a full-scale collaboration in the field of portal and social networking platforms development. Our team delivers best-in-class development and design services for systems of various complexity: from the very simplest to the most sophisticated of solutions. For over two decades, we have been creating portal and social networking platforms for companies operating in the following industries:

    • Information Technologies
    • Retail
    • Healthcare
    • Media and Entertainment
    • Telecom
    • Human Relations

    The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider wanted to enhance their product and attract more clients with proper customization and versatile functionality of their ITIL support management system. The system had to obtain WYSIWYG workflow customization, advanced incident reporting, mobile application and other advanced features.

    This is a comprehensive presentation Web site with a variety of multimedia content about the company and Brava System. B2B and B2C components provide a complete framework and automate a number of operations for doctors, patients, and Brava staff. A server-side application is used to handle connections and data transfer, store data in the central database, and generate reports. Client Private Area allows clients to view their progress data, statistical charts, and reports for a specified period of time.

    Intetics’s Client is an international online recruiting agency based in London, UK. The company offers its platform for firms worldwide to advertise job openings. Financial service professionals also use the platform to find job opportunities and career-related information. The network allows job seekers to conduct highly targeted job searches, set up search agents, and post resumes.
    The Agency decided to update their existing technology platform since the technology they were using became outdated. The migration to the new platform should not interrupt 24×7 service or compromise its quality. Along with that, the Client wanted to add new features like efficient resume and database searches, payments processing, increased online security, and ensure the overall quality of their platform. The client also needed their in-house development team that supported the legacy system to be trained in the new technology and become a part of the support team after the migration. Intetics’s Remote In-Sourcing business model was a perfect fit for what they were trying to accomplish, as it allowed the Client’s in-house staff to work with a nearshore dedicated team throughout the migration process, receive guidance as needed, control the progress, speed, and quality of the project.

    A social networking platform for students (in particular college and university students in Europe) based in Germany. Today it is one of the largest and fastest growing European student network used by about 15,000,000 students mostly in the German-speaking countries. After a successful start in October 2005 the owners decided to attract a new audience from different European countries. Intetics performed the system’s internationalization and website scaling. Owing to flexibility in functionality configuration, which was proposed and implemented by Intetics, the client was able to create a separate version of the project for pupils which was launched in February 2007 and which quickly attained the number of almost three million members.

    Flowzone is a solution for managing projects in the creative sector. Combining Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Project Management, it allows organizing assets into projects and automating tasks, monitoring the task completion. The client wanted to concentrate more on the business-critical tasks, thus they were looking for a remote team to cover the support and development of the solution. In line with that, the team was to run technical update the solution as per defined roadmap. The Intetics team was selected for its technical expertise and the efficient business model compliant with remote cooperation.

    The solution was developed for a call center to facilitate call data collection and analysis. It enables call center operators to capture electronic data for the following call reasons: clinical trial participation, doctor referral, and registering for a medical event. Call data reports can be reviewed both via a browser and via regular email. A permission model provides an adequate access level to call center operators, supervisors and for representatives of external clients.

    The client needed a web-based recruitment solution that would enable the users to manage and process information related to vacancies, candidates, skills and recruiters. There were two approaches to the solution architecture to select from: a full three-tier structure utilizing a separate data layer and an independent business layer, and a simplified structure with no data access layer. We suggested implementing a data access layer because it allowed for separation of the database related functionality from the business layer, making the architecture more structural and flexible.

    SupplementSpot online store is a part of the Yahoo! Store system for managing orders and inventory, processing transactions, and promoting business. The Intetics team re-designed and perfected the company’s online store, streamlined the purchasing process by customizing a number of Yahoo! Store system modules, integrated a Wellness Test to help the client’s customers uncover their potential health problems, developed a new website targeted at European customers, and built a prescription drugs service site and online weight management store.

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