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    Intetics is the team of real software geeks. We test our skills daily by tasting different solutions, Games stand among the many on our list. We regard games not only as a good leisure but also as a nice way to sharpen the wits.

    Whether you want to teach kids reading or create an educating program for a robot, we want to make it easy and efficient for you. Gaming was never more useful, as it is now. So far, we`ve created games for the clients working in these industries:

    • E-learning and Education

    A 3D system intended to emulate the behavior of an electronic discovery system that helps children learn about the world of technology as they create their own inventions using electronic building blocks without any knowledge about electronics. The software allows to assemble an electric circuit on the screen before making a physical analog with real blocks.

    The Flash exercise system developed by Intetics is aimed to support children of different age groups in learning mathematics and help teachers control the learning process. Each lesson represents a game which involves visualization and sounds. The game consists of two parts: Explore Activities allow students to explore a new thing or learn an operation, and Challenge Activities enable them to solve related problems and practice what they have learned. This part provides probing questions to help identify misunderstandings and stimulate discussions. Clicking the Check button gives feedback on whether the child’s answer was correct. The response to a successful answer contains visual/audio playoff, while the response to an incorrect answer is not too negative, and it usually contains additional information to help students review their decisions.

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