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    We provide a true extension of your in-house team to handle end-to-end delivery of your IT project.

    Intetics Dedicated Software Development Teams deliver the perfect mix of flexibility, scalability and ability to our clients. We create the team based on your requirements and goals. Intetics is a software development company that empowers clients with the best remote dedicated development teams. The business model we follow allows us to carefully cover customer needs and satisfy the ad hoc demands in extra resources and specific expertise in the following domains:

    • Information Technology
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Security & Encryption
    • Healthcare & Retail
    • Automation & IoT
    • Robotics & Control Systems
    • E-learning & Education
    • Telecom

    The Web development company wanted to expand their offering with a brand new group and enterprise messaging platform for mobile, laptop and desktop devices. They wanted expertise and cost-efficiency, but their internal IT capabilities had to remain focused on their current services. They needed rapidly scalable technical capability and capacity. The company searched for a team of software engineers able to efficiently and quickly take their innovative concept and turn it into a commercially viable product. Intetics provided a team of software engineering experts dedicated to this project. Intetics developers immediately began close cooperation with the client’s designers, and eventually took over the entire technical side of the project. Maintaining open communication with the client’s in-house staff throughout the project, Intetics engineers developed the web and mobile applications and began work on a desktop extension.

    The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider wanted to enhance their product and attract more clients with proper customization and versatile functionality of their ITIL support management system. The system had to obtain WYSIWYG workflow customization, advanced incident reporting, mobile application and other advanced features.

    The solution offers security protection for individuals and businesses when using Instant Messaging services. The encryption-per-protocol approach allows avoiding program and even version dependency. IMsecure works with AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and other instant messengers that support the same protocols. Providing reliable end-to-end encryption and consistent filtering of IM communications, the software not only prevents interception, impersonation, and message modification but also reduces the exposure to viruses and protects confidential data.

    Silicon Systems is a Wokingham, U.K. based company delivering leading-edge, highly supported IT solutions. Flowmation, its primary product, combines Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Project Management tools to help advertising, print and publishing firms easily organize their assets into projects that are accessible to both local and remote project participants. Flowmation was initially developed by staff in-house. However, as Silicon’s user base grew, end-user support and customer requests for more functionality increasingly began to absorb more time and effort. The current team could no longer handle the requests, and at the same time it did not seem possible to expand it quickly and at a reasonable cost within the U.K.

    The initial challenge faced by Intetics was centered on updating and enhancing a Web-based application earlier developed by the Client team that was used by content providers and call center operators and intended for quick access to classified marketing information.

    The startup team turned to Intetics, which had over 15 years of experience in the field of custom application development. To build the application, Intetics created a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced software engineers.

    Intetics’s Client is an international online recruiting agency based in London, UK. The company offers its platform for firms worldwide to advertise job openings. Financial service professionals also use the platform to find job opportunities and career-related information. The network allows job seekers to conduct highly targeted job searches, set up search agents, and post resumes.
    The Agency decided to update their existing technology platform since the technology they were using became outdated. The migration to the new platform should not interrupt 24×7 service or compromise its quality. Along with that, the Client wanted to add new features like efficient resume and database searches, payments processing, increased online security, and ensure the overall quality of their platform. The client also needed their in-house development team that supported the legacy system to be trained in the new technology and become a part of the support team after the migration. Intetics’s Remote In-Sourcing business model was a perfect fit for what they were trying to accomplish, as it allowed the Client’s in-house staff to work with a nearshore dedicated team throughout the migration process, receive guidance as needed, control the progress, speed, and quality of the project.

    The client is a Big Data global business intelligence and technology consulting company headquartered in a North Shore suburb of Chicago, IL. The company is focused on building data factories and other advanced analytics for their clients. These intelligent data-centric services allow its customers to get data under control by providing customer insights throughout the enterprise.

    The client was looking for a global team with diverse skills and a specialized approach to grow its software development abilities and capacity. The Intetics Offshore Dedicated Team business model was the optimal solution for the customer. This model provides dedicated development teams along with complete infrastructure and administrative services at one of Intetics Offshore Development Centers. The client gets their own remote development department on a fixed monthly budget.

    Intetics client – Area9 – is a Danish provider of adaptive learning solutions for schools, colleges, and universities in Western Europe and the United States. Area9 faced the goal of team expansion to cover the development & support of the increased range of e-learning solutions. The company was looking for a partner who would be able to create a distributed team of software developers, set up a client-tailored process of recruitment and contribute to the team skills development. The challenge was quite unique as the distributed team had to study a client-created programming language. The client chose Intetics for the considerable experience in creating effective distributed teams, domain knowledge and maturity of skills’ development methodologies.

    Prior to being transferred to the product surface, artworks are printed on a layer and then cut out from it. The two solutions delivered by Intetics improve the printing process to make it fast and efficient. The first one performs accurate auto-nesting of artworks on a layer. It can arrange a set of irregular shaped patterns on a sheet of material with non-overlapping configuration and with minimum cut wastes. The second solution makes it possible to automatically detect artworks that can not be processed, perform complexity measurement to estimate the processing time, and simplify artworks to adapt them to requirements. It has made the processing of images uploaded by the company’s customers about 500 times faster. The increased printing speed and material economy resulted in significant output growth for the business.

    SupplementSpot online store is a part of the Yahoo! Store system for managing orders and inventory, processing transactions, and promoting business. The Intetics team re-designed and perfected the company’s online store, streamlined the purchasing process by customizing a number of Yahoo! Store system modules, integrated a Wellness Test to help the client’s customers uncover their potential health problems, developed a new website targeted at European customers, and built a prescription drugs service site and online weight management store.

    For 12 years, IMPAQ had employed a nearshore outsourcing model, using resources from Eastern Europe to support their in-country teams in Western Europe. Over the past three years, some of the nearshore regions had matured economically, which caused significant increases in costs. In 2005, IMPAQ planned to broaden their marketing technologies services and started to assess new Eastern Europe regions and possible partners. Intetics went through a competitive bid process and was chosen on the basis of both price and quality.

    A cloud and IT infrastructure provider wanted to minimize efforts on deploying applications on a large number of PCs during their virtualization projects. More than 200 applications had to be verified on presence of MSI wrapper. Depending on check results, wrapper was developed from scratch or updated to be compatible with different operating systems from Windows.

    The solution had to manage in a scalable and reliable way a larger customer database with information collected from 7 countries where the retails stores were located. The Client wanted a long-term solution to process and manage the customer database efficiently. They were looking for a partner to collect the data from different data sources such as kiosk registration points, paper forms, web pages, payment history, etc., then process and report it for efficient marketing campaigns.

    A leading mapping company needed help creating an efficient call center structure to continuously verify and update data entries in their existing POI database, which contained millions of location-based records. They were adding new places to their database, but lacked the sufficient language capabilities and personnel to successfully verify all new data entries coming from all over the world. They were looking for a partner with extensive languages capabilities, who had an affordable and scalable model that would allow expansion based on their business needs.

    Intetics’s client ModlinTM – the e-learning company- came up with an idea to create and implement a virtual learning platform for schools in South Africa. The platform was intended to enhance school learning and advance the adoption of personalized learning. While the Client had both education and technology expertise, they needed additional resources to help create a fully functional customized learning software. Their learning environment needed to have different levels of access to be used by administrators, teachers, content creators, and students. It needed to be easily usable for students to accelerate learning, but also track their performance to let teachers know their progress. To cover these needs, ModlinTM addressed Intetics with a request to accomplish these objectives.

    Quick Facts 93% of the view data received from Intetics’ field teams met the quality requirements. The Client has been able to save up to 20% of the allocated budget due to the increased efficiency of the development processes. Providing the project is still an ongoing one, we have already …

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