“Shop Supplies on Time” Inventory Management System

“Shop Supplies on Time” Inventory Management System


Intetics Co. develops a PDA enabled inventory management system.

Baer Supply Company’s catalogs and inventories list over 50,000 stock keeping units spread across numerous product lines. The company needed an inventory management system that would allow their sales representatives and clients to use PDA devices with barcode capability for collecting information and handling the ordering / re-ordering process with maximum speed, accuracy, and efficiency. After evaluating a number of custom software development providers, Baer Supply Company selected Intetics Co. as the one that could best address their requirements and propose most beneficial business conditions.


The Shop Supplies on Time system that we built is an implementation of the three-tier architecture model. The core business logic of the system comprises several components: Supply Company, Customer, Shelf, and Box (Material, Product). The overall functionality is integrated around these subsystems. The system consists of two parts:

  • Desktop application for converting data from tab delimited text files into the PDB (Palm OS mobile database) format, transferring the PDB files to PDAs, downloading modified;
  • Data from PDAs, and reverse converting from the PDB format into the tab delimited text format;
  • PDA Palm OS 4 application for the mobile database information reviewing and editing.

Technologies Utilized

  • MS Windows, PalmOS
  • Barcode Scanning / Reading
  • C++
  • PDB (Palm Database)


The Shop Supplies on Time system makes it possible to support a number of locations with unique shelf configuration. Using handheld inventory devices, the company’s sales representatives and clients easily track information and upload it to the company database, which reduces the time and effort associated information management. Such functionality as automated re-ordering and inventory tracking allows the company to streamline the maintenance process and reduce overhead expenses.

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