Remote In-Sourcing Team For The International Online Recruiting Network

Remote In-Sourcing Team For The International Online Recruiting Network


Migrate a global recruitment portal from a legacy technology to a modern architecture, provide further support and development.


Intetics’s Client is an international online recruiting agency based in London, UK. The company offers its platform for firms worldwide to advertise job openings. Financial service professionals also use the platform to find job opportunities and career-related information. The network allows job seekers to conduct highly targeted job searches, set up search agents, and post resumes.

The Agency decided to update their existing technology platform since the technology they were using became outdated. The migration to the new platform should not interrupt 24×7 service or compromise its quality. Along with that, the Client wanted to add new features like efficient resume and database searches, payments processing, increased online security, and ensure the overall quality of their platform.

The client also needed their in-house development team that supported the legacy system to be trained in the new technology and become a part of the support team after the migration. Intetics’s Remote In-Sourcing business model was a perfect fit for what they were trying to accomplish, as it allowed the Client’s in-house staff to work with a nearshore dedicated team throughout the migration process, receive guidance as needed, control the progress, speed, and quality of the project.


The project started with a core migration team of 8 Intetics specialists defining
the migration strategy and architecture of the new system. The team was tightly
integrated into the current client’s product and development teams.

Once the strategy and architecture have been defined the team grew to 15 people to
perform the migration. Along the project run, the Intetics’s team was re-formed to
better satisfy the required skill sets and time constraints.

The team tightly integrated with the Client’s in-house team to obtain the domain
knowledge of the UK colleagues and teach local software developers the new
technology aspects.

The Remote In-Sourcing model allowed not only a flexible integration of the Intetics specialists with the in-house staff but also spread Intetics distributed SCRUM processes and tools across the entire distributed joined team. The integration resulted in a truly collaborative approach to resolving complex tasks, ultimately creating a functional and good-looking product.

Within three months, the remote Intetics team became a true direct extension of the Client’s in-house staff.


The platform was successfully migrated to the new technology in several stages for 10 months with no downtime or negative operations effect. The new Amazon AWS cloud-based solution improved the speed, reliability, security, and maintainability of the system.

Efficient distributed collaboration processes and tools were set. The Client’s development team was trained for the new processes and technology which enabled retaining most of the former in-house legacy technology specialists.

The newly built distributed team continues delivering new features and evolving the platform at a very efficient pace.

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