ORSY Online Wholesale Store

ORSY Online Wholesale Store



Baer Supply Company, a U.S. based specialty industrial wholesale distributor featuring items specifically for the woodworking industry.

Baer Supply Company needed an online wholesale store that, being a standalone application, would serve as an addition to the existing online wholesale system. The ORSY (ORganization SYstem) store was intended for customers performing local inventory by using the barcode reading technology. However, the application was also supposed to allow the users to replenish supplies manually if they did not have a barcode scanner or in case of hardware failure during the automatic upload process.


The basic functionality of the ORSY online wholesale store that we have developed according to the client’s requirements includes the following features:

  • Registering and logging-in;
  • Uploading data from a barcode scanner in the automatic mode;
  • Replenishing ORSY and modifying the order in the manual mode;
  • Searching information by the item number and description;
  • Interacting with the SAP system (exporting the order and shelf related data, importing the latest data to the database, and obtaining the pricing information).

The application offers the Baer Supply Company’s customers an easy-to-use shopping cart and enables them to create an individual shopping list for each shelf location within their facilities. The customers can also use ORSY to generate a fax form and contact the company representative as necessary. The system architecture of the application is based on the J2EE industry standards, commonly used frameworks like Struts, and the MS SQL database system.

The system includes a request / action mapping layer with Struts, and a presentation layer with JSP / Java Script. The application is integrated into the company’s Web application infrastructure which provides a set of authorization, authentication, and logging services.

Technologies Utilized

  • MS Windows 2000 / XP, Linux
  • IntelliJ IDEA 4.5
  • C++, AcitveX
  • Java, J2EE, Struts, Tomcat 3.2.1, HTML 4.0, JavaScript
  • MS SQL


The ORSY online wholesale store that we have built is fully compliant with the Baer Supply Company’s standards and integrated with the entire IT structure of the organization. Having the corporate UI design and offering comprehensive functionality to the company’s customers in multiple locations, ORSY has become an essential part of the Baer Supply Company’s sales system.

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