Online community for career management needs of professionals

Online community for career management needs of professionals



eWorld Employment/WR LLC, a company based in Illinois, U.S.A

Conceiving an online career community, eWorld Employment planned to target four groups of potential community members. The first group comprises professionals who are looking for a new stage in their careers and need an  ll-inclusive relevant job searching tool or career advice. The second group includes leaders of career groups or networks in the community who want to leverage their expertise for the benefit of their groups or networks. The third  ne is representatives of companies, recruiting agencies, and search firms who need a solution to boost the results of their advertising and employment strategies. The forth and the last group consists of professional and student coaches who will use the online career community to promote their coaching practices by providing help and advice to the members of My Workforce Ministry. eWorld viewed the system as an opportunity for representatives of these four groups to unite and cooperatively use their unique experience for the purpose of effective career management.
Among eWorld’s strict requirements for the system were a quick development process, continuous customization, and close working partnership with the system developers during the development and post-launch stages. Intetics won the tender to build the system from scratch as a company capable of producing custom software products of the best quality within the budget and limited time.


Since we had to deal with complex business requirements, tough project schedule, rich communication process, and flexible change management policy, we chose for the project the Agile Software Development methodology. The methodology is based on flexible development process, release planning and iterative development, requirements and change management, quality management and risk mitigation, architecture evolving process, modeling and design patterns, test driven development and code generating techniques. This allowed Intetics to streamline the customization of the system and effectively respond to the customer’s changing requirements. In the upshot, Intetics built a high-quality versatile social software system based on multiple standard components in a short span of time while cutting down the overall effort expenses.
On the functional level, the system architecture is divided into business modules. Each module performs particular tasks for the Web site users depending on their business needs. While the user module is designed as the main link to the other modules of the system, the accounts module functions as the core of the system with all system functionality based on accounts. The system includes such types of accounts as groups, companies, agencies, coaches, etc.; new accounts can be easily added to the system with minimum development costs. The system also includes items such as documents, forum threads, directory information, and resources; items can be similarly added to the system as easily and cost-effectively as accounts. As items are tied to accounts and users, it is possible to use general approach to the system data management and quickly expand the system functionality with new accounts and items. The job bank module serves the owners of business accounts providing a possibility to publish information on job openings and make it available for the group members of the system. The group module, a type of an account, allows the users to build career networks to help them communicate taking into account the specific interests of each particular group.
Technically, the application is based on the industry-standard multi-layer architecture: data access layer (stored procedures and data access classes), business layer (business service-specific objects), and presentation layer (Web controls and forms).

Technologies Utilized

  •  Windows 2000/2003
  • C#, .NET platform 1.1
  • MS SQL Server 2000
  • CodeSmith
  • Nunit
  • XML


We delivered the system within the time and budget frames. The system met all eWorld’s requirements and eWorld was fully satisfied with the end result of the development. My Workforce Ministry works as an online community for various groups of people from job seekers to employers to coaches. It is a fully customized, user-friendly solution which provides comprehensive career management opportunities. Professionals in transition can use My Workforce Ministry to search vast employment information resources, find and build the right career community groups, personalize job search preferences, etc. Coaches, search firms, and companies can find it useful to showcase their services. Due to flexible architecture, the system functionality can be easily extended with all necessary features. My Workforce Ministry has a growing potential which is certain to exert a positive influence on the objectives that eWorld pursues.

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