Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer Enhances Product Line with Custom Tablet App by Intetics

Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer Enhances Product Line with Custom Tablet App by Intetics


To develop a tablet app that would make the control of the manufacturer’s chemical equipment more efficient, mobile and user-friendly.


The instrument manufacturer wanted to create a mobile software application to be used on tablets to better control their existing line of chemical analysis instruments. The existing
management system for the instruments has become outdated, as it required a single device to be connected to the instruments to manage the analysis of chemical solutions. The existing system was slow and its low resolution made it unattractive. The manufacturer wanted to create a new mobile tablet application to manage the instrument functions, with new features such as automation, scheduling, remote operation, multi-user access, and ability to operate 3-4 instruments at the same time. They also wanted to include a comfortable user interface with which they could build their brand.

The manufacturer’s IT needed more technical expertise to develop the new application and turned to Intetics for help. The new application was to be the starting point for the development of other applications for the client’s other product lines. For that reason, the client also required knowledge transfer to their in-house team and the possibility of easily modifying the application in the future for their other product lines. The new application was also to be fully compatible with their existing technical laboratory equipment. The development of the software for this equipment was often not fully documented and added an extra challenge for understanding the client’s highly technical product and matching the new mobile software with the requirements of the existing technology.


Intetics created a team of experienced engineers who closely cooperated with the client’s in-house team to develop the tablet application. Alongside constant design improvement, the Intetics team ensured superb functionality for the new app, as well as an attractive and user-friendly interface.

Intetics developed the application using the multiplatform framework Phonegap. This platform choice allowed the application to be developed quickly as it minimized the amount of code needed to write the multi-platform application. Phonegap also made it easier to prepare the application for different platforms in the future, because the same code can be reused.
The client’s in-house team and Intetics team stayed in close cooperation with each other through frequent phone and video conferences in order to ensure that that applies not only
confirmed to the design vision but also met all functionality requirements.

Technology Stack

• PhoneGap
• JavaScript (Backbone.js, Zepto.js frameworks)
• CSS3
• Java (for creation of PhoneGap plugins)
• C# (for creation of PhoneGap plugins)

Intetics created the perfect app for us that makes it easier to operate our products. Plus, we can easily modify the app to fit new product lines in the future.


Thanks to Intetics, the chemical instruments manufacturer received a new mobile tablet application that successfully replaced the existing control unit. The application allows easier manipulation of the client’s laboratory equipment. It has an attractive design, remote and multi-user access, automatic scheduling and ability to connect to more than one instrument at a time. Due to the included demo feature, the client has an opportunity to license the product and allow more users to utilize their software.

The modern design of the application created an excellent branding opportunity for the client. Moreover, the application was a stepping stone for upgrading the software of the client’s her product lines, which will be carried out by their in-house team in the future – using technical knowledge they gained from working with Intetics.

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