Intetics Remote In-Sourcing Team® Created and Supports One of the Biggest Health Portals in the USA, Serving 5m People a Year

Intetics Remote In-Sourcing Team® Created and Supports One of the Biggest Health Portals in the USA, Serving 5m People a Year

Quick Facts

10 years of continuous cooperation

Designed and implemented 100% of the Client’s products

The Client can concentrate on their medical business rather than the technical details


To create a set of tools that would address ongoing challenges for practices, namely:

  • Increasing profitability in a sustainable manner
  • Enhancing patient satisfaction
  • Improving business performance
  • Streamlining workflow tasks to improve productivity


The Client is a medical and software company that owns “All-in-One Practice Management Solution.” The solution includes real-time management tools for scheduling patients’ appointments and insurance verification, as well as for tracking every step of the revenue cycle.

The main challenge was finding the right vendor that could fully understand the healthcare field and software business requirements. The main request to the engineering team was a complete understanding of the Client’s business domain.

As the Client is a physician, not an IT specialist, they required a trusted partner to cover the engineering side of the project. The complete engineering cycle was necessary, from concept to implementation – from design to development, testing, and support.


#1 Intetics developed the platform, which provides equal access for patients and healthcare providers.

#2 Patients can register, manage their profile settings, add and edit their medical details, and upload documents.

#3 The symptom checker provides symptom analysis based on diagnostic patterns.

#4 The interoperability feature allows medical data to be requested from another provider and patient information to be uploaded from outside. Care plan recommendations can be made based on insurance guidelines. Appointments can be booked based on the availability of the chosen provider.

#5 The Remote In-Sourcing Model® helped developers work in close collaboration with the Client. The unique integration model provided the Team with the most efficient collaboration method possible.

“Intetics’ Remote In-Sourcing Team® helped us start a digital business in parallel to medicine’s direction. We’re growing together and have big plans to achieve. I appreciate the work that the Intetics team is doing for us.”

Benefits and Results

The Intetics team created the client’s digital business from scratch: from idea to execution.

The Client had previously made several attempts to build the system, but they failed due to the previous vendors’ skill shortages.

The new system serves 5,000,000 people on an annual basis, with this number continuing to grow.

The first version of the system was delivered in under 10 months after project kick-off. Since then, the system has gotten constant updates and new releases.

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