Intetics Offshore Dedicated Team® Scaled a Logistics Company Business to Transport Millions of Tons of Cargo Every Day

Intetics Offshore Dedicated Team® Scaled a Logistics Company Business to Transport Millions of Tons of Cargo Every Day

Quick Facts

15 years of continuous cooperation

Distributed Team supporting the product in multiple time zones

Highly valuable team members appreciated by the Client


Keep the Client’s position as a leading global supplier, fulfilling customer needs for transport and logistics services, targeting extensive growth, and being among the most profitable in the industry.


The Client has operated in the logistics business since 1977 and holds contracts with more than 43,000 carriers representing more than a million power units nationwide.​ 56,000+ people spread across 80+ countries with strong, local entrepreneurial skills are working together to help end customers with their transport and logistics needs.

The Client looked for the team extension, with a requirement to execute product maintenance despite time shifts caused by different time zones. The Team had to be staffed in a very short term.

The Company had no well-defined QA processes and looked for a partner who could provide relevant experience and expertise in a transparent, seamless, and cost-effective manner.


#1 The well-coordinated teamwork of Intetics Dedicated Team® and the specialists from the Client’s company led to the delivery of the product with valuable features. Despite challenges and limitations, the final result exceeded the stakeholders’ expectations and met 100% of their needs.

#2 The product quality and availability significantly increased, which resulted in multiplying the Client’s business KPIs.

#3 Quality assurance and test automation became the key part of the development process. The Dedicated Team implemented delivery cycles with CI/CD and Regression testing.

#4 The Offshore Team members maintain the product during the US off-hours when the local specialists are out of the office.

#5 Using Predictive Software Engineering (PSE) and Disciplined Agile methodologies, Intetics team built a strong process for the Client product development.

“Implemented Transport Management System helped us to be efficient in major focus areas:

  • Customer Statement and Growth
  • Operation Excellence and People”

Benefits and Results

The Transport Management System was scaled and optimized, the way it complies with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requirements.

The legacy hierarchical database gradually migrated to a relational one (Oracle). The cloud microservices architecture was implemented.

Creation of a united reliable and autonomous team. QA and Test Automation were used as a part of the process. The number of issues decreased 5 times.

The product was integrated with third-party systems so that the Client could exchange live information with their partners in several months.

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