Intetics Helps Navigation Company to Expand Car Parking Coverage and Automate Their Processes

Intetics Helps Navigation Company to Expand Car Parking Coverage  and Automate Their Processes


Create a comprehensive database of car parking lots and ensure high-quality data verification to cover the business need.


The Intetics’s Client is the global leader in connected car services and intelligent movement. The company faced the challenge of developing a platform that shows the availability of parking lots and providing accurate information about their population.

The Client needed a trusted partner with solid technical expertise that could improve the data processing performance and efficiency of the parking lots database.

Intetics was tapped for the considerable experience in data analysis and proven skills of creating effective remote teams.


At the project launch stage, the Client ran the guidance workshop to the Intetics team to ensure the smooth entrance into the process. It helped to acquire a clear vision of the Client’s business idea and goals, the project specification and database logics.

For successful implementation of the Client’s idea, Intetics used several practices from Lean methodology along with Kanban dashboard for improving team productivity and RACI matrix for defining and documenting project roles. The created client-specific workflow was implemented to guarantee the efficiency of the process.

At the stage of the requirement analysis, Intetics identified pain points in the Client’s business and implemented the following data handling methods that would accelerate the processing time providing high-quality results:

  • Standardization of the project specifications
  • Server issues minimization by conducting the source research of the areas that had not been included in the database
  • Introducing project specific KPI’s and performance measurement metrics

These activities facilitated the aggregation big amount of data ensuring its accuracy, quality, and completeness. It initiated the creation of Intetics proprietary approach of estimation tasks’ complexity and allowed informing the Client beforehand about the compliance of the delivery dates and the team load.

Another Intetics team initiative during the project was developing several software extensions that reduced manual work, improve the quality of data entry and thus positively affected team productivity. The Client approved and supported this initiative since it allowed to reach better project results.

The project development pace and expansion of the car parking lot coverage required more software experts with proper technological skills. It resulted in the number of data entry specialists increased almost tenfold. Intetics developed a 5-day training program for newcomers to ensure the successful process adaptation and studying the project information. This provided newcomers’ work efficiency and shortened the adaptation period. Intetics created a knowledge base storing project information available for all team members. The implemented process of task estimation helped carefully determine team load and left time slots for urgent changes.

Integration of all these management approaches and data aggregation tools helped the Intetics create an accurate comprehensive database. The project and development strategy covered issues of time zone gap, delivery timelines, and team workflow. This allowed to keep up with the client work pace and ensured on-time delivery.


In the result of the cooperation with Intetics, the Client extended their coverage of parking lots by 100 000 annually.  In addition to the extension of the database, Intetics provided the Client with continuously updating of the created DB with more accuracy to the parking lots data. The initiatives set up by Intetics accelerated the work pace by 18% reduced manual work and improve the quality of data entry by reducing human errors.  Continual improvement enabled the process turn from disorganized and unstructured to clear and consistent which allowed to reduce time on training of new team members and raise the standards of production.

Only for the 1st year of our cooperation, Intetics helped the Client to create metrics and double their parking lot coverage. The client received the accurately verified data which helped the company to increase Customers’ loyalty.

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