Intetics Develops Reporting and Data Segmenting Solutions for Leading Global Email Marketing Provider

Intetics Develops Reporting and Data Segmenting Solutions for Leading Global Email Marketing Provider


  1. Provide development assistance while moving reporting solution to a more powerful platform
  2. Implement data segmenting solution for client e-mail marketing team
  3. Implement custom configuration of new SaaS features


Intetics’s client is a cross-channel interactive marketing provider with software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that empower organizations of all sizes to communicate with their customers through email, mobile, social media, and websites. The client maintained the long-term partnership with Intetics, therefore the team was engaged in several interconnected projects. When the client decided to update the functionality of the platform, the Intetics team tackled several challenges.

With the massive growth of the clientele, the client’s current reporting solution was reaching its limits. The series of daily reports was under a risk of running for over 24 hours in the short-term period. The client required assistance in moving part of their functionality onto a new Massive Parallel Processing platform to address their growing performance needs.

The second project was related to the implementation of a Data Segmenting solution. The challenge was to provide a real-time ability for the E-mail marketers to segregate their target audiences by a number of
statistical and behavioral data, and division of the audience by a number of custom attributes stored at the marketers’ end. The information was gathered through the client’s SaaS platform.

The third project was launched in response to the number of requests for ad hoc services like building custom reports or implementing the custom configuration of the new SaaS features, which started to exceed the resource limit of the client’s staff. The Intetics team was appointed the client’s support team. They became in charge of the direct communication with end users and provided on the client’s behalf.


Reporting Project
– Creating creation of the utility to move data between different platforms. The utility allowed to execute ETL (extract-transform-load) SQL code and pull source data into the target Reporting tool, using a predefined schedule.
– Creating the reporting spoke data model and the ETL code to pull source data in from the staging layer.
– Re-writing reports to make them MPP platform compatible.

Data Segmenting Project
The Data segmenting solution was required to provide an easy way for a marketer to define the target audience for a campaign, segment the audience using certain criteria and save the audience parameters for further usage. While working on the project, the Intetics team:
– Created a layer on top of built in-house SQL generator to facilitate the drag-and-drop interface for behavioral and custom attributes and a number of logical operators.
– Made the existing SQL generator compatible with the MPP platform.
– Added a number of performance improvements to the existing SQL generator.
– Implemented the ETL layer to move data from source platform into the Data Segmenting tool to the MPP platform.
– Advanced the utility to move data between platforms and to support new activities required by the Data Segmenting application.

Custom Services
The final part included establishing the process for scoping sessions to harvest client’s requirements. The team was engaged in the development of reporting mechanisms to provide status updates to the client and its end-users, Intetics held walkthrough sessions of demo deliverables and created a functional billing process. The technical side of the services engagements involved:
– The creation of custom reports and extracts using standard MS SSRS and MS SSIS frameworks.
– Creating customized MPP compatible ETL code to load custom attributes into Data Segment data mart.


– The data segmenting application, developed by Intetics, became widely successful among the client’s end users base. More than 100 end clients bought the yearly subscription. A vast majority of the end clients further requested customized implementations, which were facilitated by the Intetics team.

– The Reporting product was moved out of beta and is now being sold to end users. The solution empowers end users to create their own reports using a set of standard and pre-defined attributes and measures. Intetics development team also supports the client is customizing different reporting instances for different end users.

– Intetics team managed to handle the customization challenges. The team continues to work with the Client on a number of projects. Intetics operates not only under a vendor-client relationship but under a strong partnership bond.

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