Adaptive learning platform to boost students’ engagement by 77%

Adaptive learning platform to boost students’ engagement by 77%


Support and redevelopment of an omnichannel e-learning multi-language platform for adaptive learning.


Intetics’s Client is a US-based learning science company and one of the “big three” educational publishers that provides customized educational content, software, and services for pre-K through postgraduate education. The company decided to extend the package of its e-learning solutions and launched a data-driven e-learning platform providing a personalized approach to teaching and learning. With the growing user demand to the platform, the Client faced the need to concentrate more on the business tasks and delegate the development and support issues.


As a true follower of classic Scrum methodology, the Client initiated training for the Intetics team to help them adapt to the workflow, rhythm and solidly established processes in the client company.

Along with the training, the initial project stage included the discussion of the roadmap and project milestones.

  • The Intetics team was involved in the development and support of several parts of the platform. The major tasks in the roadmap included:The development and implementation of the core platform features:
    • One entrance point for a course content, assignments and quiz banks
    • Personal Improvement recommendations for studentsStudents’ performance reports
  • The development and maintenance of a digital version of student’s personal course textbook included tasks on
    • Adapting the course content as per students’ progress results
    • Providing online access through a laptop, tablet, smartphone, and offline synchronization
    • Creating highlights for student reviewal based on performance reports
    • Automatic launch of quizzes for testing the course conceptsReview Reminders
  • The development and further maintenance of the online testing tools required
    • Implementation of automated testing
    • Creating quizzes to eliminate students’ weaknesses
    • Ensuring access from various devices online and offline

In addition to the development of platform features, the Intetics team worked on introducing the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).  The client saw compliance with accessibility standard as one of the major platform advantages.

The tasks on features’ development and creation of the accessible design went simultaneously, this helped to release platform updates on time and access a wider student’s audience at once.

Along with the high-level of accessibility and content personalization, the Intetics team worked on the platform localization. The Client needed the platform to be available for users independently on their mother tongues. The multi-language feature should have added more market value to the platform.

The Intetics team operated as a real extension of the Client’s in-house team, following the remote in-sourcing business model, this favored the valuable alignment of marketing and development strategies and efficient coverage of users’ demands.


Partnering with Intetics, the Client delivered to the education market an e-learning technology that introduces personalized learning. The platform integrates seamlessly into lecturers and student lives in and out of the classroom. With tools designed to streamline tasks and improve student outcomes, educators are free to focus on what matters most: teaching.

Based on the Client research, after the implementation of the platform in the California universities:

  • 84% of students using adaptive technology indicated a moderate to major improvement in grades
  • 87% of students reported that access to learning analytics can positively impact their learning experience.
  • 77% of students reported that learning technology increases their engagement in course materials.

Quick Facts

  • 84% of students improved in grades
  • 87% of students reported a positive impact on learning experience
  • 77% of students reported  increases of engagement

Quick Facts

  • 84% of students improved in grades
  • 87% of students reported a positive impact on learning experience
  • 77% of students reported  increases of engagement

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