Recruiting, Educating and Operating a Team of Functional Programmers for Area9

Recruiting, Educating and Operating a Team of Functional Programmers for Area9


Create a distributed team of software engineers skilled in the Client proprietary functional programming language, set up a client-tailored process of recruitment, training, skills and career development.


Area9, a Danish provider of adaptive learning solutions for schools, colleges, and universities in Europe and the US decided to build a global distributed team for development & support of the increased range of their e-learning solutions. The company was looking for a partner able to create a distributed team of software developers, set up a client-tailored process of recruitment and contribute to the team skills development. The challenge was quite unique as the engineers had to study the client proprietary programming language. The client chose Intetics for the considerable experience in creation and operation of effective distributed teams, domain knowledge and maturity of skills’ development methodologies.


To build and operate such a team, Intetics created a custom recruitment process aimed at picking out the best candidates. The process included a targeted promotional campaign on the labor market that ensured a large flow of candidates on the top of the funnel.

The candidates for the Area9 team go through 3 stages of screening.

Stage 1. Basic coding skills check, coding style, performance, and logic.

Stage 2. Candidate interview checks communication skills, background, and professional experience.

Stage 3. Test for attention to the details, knowledge of advanced structures, time/algorithmic complexity, stress resistance, refactoring skill, feedback analysis and other skills of the highest importance to Area9.

The candidates who successfully passed the screening stages are sent by Intetics for the client’s review. Area9 makes the final decision based on the recommendations and test scores.

The approved candidates enter the distributed Area9-Intetics team and join the training program developed by the client.

Depending on employee capacity, the training lasts from two to four weeks. During this period, the newcomers complete 10 test tasks with increasing complexity level. The manager trained by Area9 and currently is in charge of newcomers’ training gives immediate feedback on every accomplished task.

The newcomers study the paradigm of functional programming, client’s proprietary cross-platform language and adopt best practices developed by the global project team. They get the opportunity to study the tools and the integrated development environment. As seen, the training follows the approach of adaptive learning. 2 –4 weeks after training, the newcomer becomes a qualified team member ready for contributing to the products’ development.


The efficient and scalable processes of recruiting and training engineers developed specifically for Area9 allowed employing the engineers with non-standard algorithmic skills and potential to efficiently master the client proprietary functional programming language. The approach allowed addressing the increasing demand for new software engineers in short time frames. This helps to meet the ambitious deadlines and aggressive product roadmap.

The implemented approach became a basis for a new Functional Programming Centre of Competence at Intetics. This made the distributed Area9-Intetics team the owner of unique knowledge.

Intetics continues operating and growing the team to help Area9 deliver better education solutions to the market.

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