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  • Retail
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    Travel & Hospitality

    Repurposing travelling experience

    The experience we gained on industry projects help us repurpose the customer expectations. We employ top-notch technologies to find the solution to some of the industry’s most complex challenges. With Intetics products and applications, our clients bring the customers services to a new level. Among our projects the following can be named:

    • CRM systems
    • Flight booking system
    • E-commerce products
    • Geospatial solutions
    • Customs software products

    The client has an internal system called GANAG CRM, intended to manage the customer database, hotels, business partners, and hardware equipment, monitor the status of the hardware availability and operability, track the service usage, generate bills, and invoice customers. They decided to transfer the system development and maintenance to Intetics in order to increase its quality and availability, and speed up the development of new functionality answering the changes in business processes and requirements. Intetics suggested and implemented procedures of change request management, bug tracking and project collaboration solutions which allowed better control over the development process and made it possible to satisfy budget tracking requirements.

    The SmartTrip™ system enables corporate travel agents and travellers to book flights by indicating search parameters and getting cumulative results from multiple Web sources. Users can reach an external page with selected flights directly from the SmartTrip search results page. The system allows for airport selection: the user types the name of a city, and SmartTrip displays all airports in the area. Flights found by different search engines are arranged in groups to let the user compare prices on the same flight.

  • Finance & Insurance
  • Security & Encryption

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