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    Helping to connect

    Intetics Telecom Expertise empowers our clients to comprehensively transform companies as we design, develop, integrate, support and scale their systems. Our primary goal is to help our clients to proactively respond to changing market and end-customer needs. The list of our Telecom solutions includes:

    • Call center systems
    • Mobile tariff analyzing and optimization systems
    • Document & Content management solutions
    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    • Employee portals & communities
    • Customs software products

    The solution was developed for a call center to facilitate call data collection and analysis. It enables call center operators to capture electronic data for the following call reasons: clinical trial participation, doctor referral, and registering for a medical event. Call data reports can be reviewed both via a browser and via regular email. A permission model provides an adequate access level to call center operators, supervisors and for representatives of external clients.

    The Call Center system was developed for a telephone service dealer company that major German telephone service providers supply with the information on their customers. The dealer company offers them services in extending their contracts. We have built a comprehensive intranet system for importing, validating, storing, and issuing the information on the old, current, and new contracts signed by the customers of telephone service providers, as well as for processing the information that is necessary for negotiating and preparing new contracts. The built-in contract generating mechanism is easy-to use, and it allows an agent to prepare and print out a contract in no time. After a contract is signed, all the related information is added to the Call Center database and also transferred to the proper telephone service provider. After Call Center was basically deployed, an additional task appeared: the dealer company decided to implement a multilevel marketing system for attracting new customers. A new feature added to the system lets agents enter and process information on the potential customers and calculate the award fees.

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