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    Information Technology

    Unprecedented industry growth

    We help our customers fuel unprecedented industry hypergrowth by improving digital experiences and business performance.

    To stay ahead of the curve, business nowadays should continually encourage innovations and exploit digital transformation. Intetics assists its clients in digital transformation, updating in-house processes, reconstruction of business models, revamping software development processes, and scaling up services and products.

    With our assistance, Intetics clients managed to relaunch businesses, cut costs and move to a new service delivery. Our strength in this industry lies in successful delivery of a range of solution areas:

    • Secure mobile instant messengers with client-side encryption
    • Asset management solutions
    • Software packaging for cloud infrastructure providers
    • Social networks
    • Document & content management
    • Portals & communities
    • File indexing and search solutions
    • Data processing
    • Dedicated teams for systems management and support

    The Web development company wanted to expand their offering with a brand new group and enterprise messaging platform for mobile, laptop and desktop devices. They wanted expertise and cost-efficiency, but their internal IT capabilities had to remain focused on their current services. They needed rapidly scalable technical capability and capacity. The company searched for a team of software engineers able to efficiently and quickly take their innovative concept and turn it into a commercially viable product. Intetics provided a team of software engineering experts dedicated to this project. Intetics developers immediately began close cooperation with the client’s designers, and eventually took over the entire technical side of the project. Maintaining open communication with the client’s in-house staff throughout the project, Intetics engineers developed the web and mobile applications and began work on a desktop extension.

    The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider wanted to enhance their product and attract more clients with proper customization and versatile functionality of their ITIL support management system. The system had to obtain WYSIWYG workflow customization, advanced incident reporting, mobile application and other advanced features.

    Silicon Systems is a Wokingham, U.K. based company delivering leading-edge, highly supported IT solutions. Flowmation, its primary product, combines Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Project Management tools to help advertising, print and publishing firms easily organize their assets into projects that are accessible to both local and remote project participants. Flowmation was initially developed by staff in-house. However, as Silicon’s user base grew, end-user support and customer requests for more functionality increasingly began to absorb more time and effort. The current team could no longer handle the requests, and at the same time it did not seem possible to expand it quickly and at a reasonable cost within the U.K.

    The client is a Big Data global business intelligence and technology consulting company headquartered in a North Shore suburb of Chicago, IL. The company is focused on building data factories and other advanced analytics for their clients. These intelligent data-centric services allow its customers to get data under control by providing customer insights throughout the enterprise.

    The client was looking for a global team with diverse skills and a specialized approach to grow its software development abilities and capacity. The Intetics Offshore Dedicated Team business model was the optimal solution for the customer. This model provides dedicated development teams along with complete infrastructure and administrative services at one of Intetics Offshore Development Centers. The client gets their own remote development department on a fixed monthly budget.

    A social networking platform for students (in particular college and university students in Europe) based in Germany. Today it is one of the largest and fastest growing European student network used by about 15,000,000 students mostly in the German-speaking countries. After a successful start in October 2005 the owners decided to attract a new audience from different European countries. Intetics performed the system’s internationalization and website scaling. Owing to flexibility in functionality configuration, which was proposed and implemented by Intetics, the client was able to create a separate version of the project for pupils which was launched in February 2007 and which quickly attained the number of almost three million members.

    A packaged web-based application was bought by the Client’s company to track performance in their insurance business, but it lacked the required functionality and flexibility in data analysis and reporting. Intetics designed a flexible reporting framework and integrated it into the system. Based on it, custom reports were created for various business scenarios. Most of them have enhanced filtering features, functionality for exporting to different formats like Excel/PDF/HTML/etc., and impressive UI design.

    Flowzone is a solution for managing projects in the creative sector. Combining Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Project Management, it allows organizing assets into projects and automating tasks, monitoring the task completion. The client wanted to concentrate more on the business-critical tasks, thus they were looking for a remote team to cover the support and development of the solution. In line with that, the team was to run technical update the solution as per defined roadmap. The Intetics team was selected for its technical expertise and the efficient business model compliant with remote cooperation.

    For 12 years, IMPAQ had employed a nearshore outsourcing model, using resources from Eastern Europe to support their in-country teams in Western Europe. Over the past three years, some of the nearshore regions had matured economically, which caused significant increases in costs. In 2005, IMPAQ planned to broaden their marketing technologies services and started to assess new Eastern Europe regions and possible partners. Intetics went through a competitive bid process and was chosen on the basis of both price and quality.

    A cloud and IT infrastructure provider wanted to minimize efforts on deploying applications on a large number of PCs during their virtualization projects. More than 200 applications had to be verified on presence of MSI wrapper. Depending on check results, wrapper was developed from scratch or updated to be compatible with different operating systems from Windows.

    A leading mapping company needed help creating an efficient call center structure to continuously verify and update data entries in their existing POI database, which contained millions of location-based records. They were adding new places to their database, but lacked the sufficient language capabilities and personnel to successfully verify all new data entries coming from all over the world. They were looking for a partner with extensive languages capabilities, who had an affordable and scalable model that would allow expansion based on their business needs.

    Intetics Client, Conversity, is a leading intelligent guided selling platform provider for retailers, telco & consumer brands. The company decided to launch a digital commerce platform, RIPPL and wanted it to be available as an enterprise scalable SaaS solution. The accomplishment of this goal was accompanied by several challenges. As initially having a concept only, Conversity created RiPPL as an MVP and further it was enriched with numerous features and functionality.

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  • Industry 4.0: Robotics & IoT
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