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    Intetics helps healthcare providers deliver more effective and affordable services. We provide assistance to the caregivers to help with their digital transformation, consumer-centric approach, and flexible operating model.

    The team of Intetics professionals is always ready to step in and deliver wall-to-wall expertise that covers industry specifics. We provide caregivers with solutions that are task-driven and are intended to improve workflow, face routine challenges, and engage patients. Our solutions include the following:

    • FDA-approved mobile and desktop application for orthopedic templating
    • Virtual nurse – an assistance smartphone app to register patient health data
    • Online optical lenses customization and ordering application
    • Automated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for managing medical tests
    • Automated management system for non-surgical cosmetic body shaping devices
    • Mobile monitoring system for sterilization equipment
    • Portals & communities
    • Dedicated teams for systems management and support

    The instrument manufacturer wanted to create a mobile software application to be used on tablets to better control their existing line of chemical analysis instruments. The existing system was slow and its low resolution made it unattractive. The manufacturer wanted to create a new mobile tablet application to manage the instrument functions, with new features such as automation, scheduling, remote operation, multi-user access, and ability to operate 3-4 instruments at the same time. They also wanted to include a comfortable user interface with which they could build their brand.

    Hecht Contactlinsen GmbH is a Germany based company specializing in the production of custom-made lenses in various designs delivered across Europe. Due to the manual lens order processing the Company has faced a reducing efficiency of the workflow. The company received its orders either by fax (50%) or by email requests (12%). To simplify the lens selection and overall ordering workflow, and to optimize the number of orders, our client needed to extend its digital capabilities to be able to process orders automatically, increasing efficiency and ensuring user satisfaction.

    The Client is a healthcare service provider committed to improving lives by delivery of medical treatment. With the increased demand for online medical consultations, our Client decided to try a new technology for emergency appointments, follow up visits. The client needed it to be easy to access, have intuitive UI and be compatible with the software eco-system of the Client.

    This is a comprehensive presentation Web site with a variety of multimedia content about the company and Brava System. B2B and B2C components provide a complete framework and automate a number of operations for doctors, patients, and Brava staff. A server-side application is used to handle connections and data transfer, store data in the central database, and generate reports. Client Private Area allows clients to view their progress data, statistical charts, and reports for a specified period of time.

    The client approached Intetic with the request to develop an application for physicians to help them determine the type of wounds based on the various options. Having extensive medical knowledge, the client though lacked the software development skills. The Intetics team was tapped for the considerable experience in healthcare software and applications’ development.

    The client needed the application to automatically determine the wound types and document the measurements to compare them with the previously measured values.

    The startup team turned to Intetics, which had over 15 years of experience in the field of custom application development. To build the application, Intetics created a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced software engineers.

    The award-winning lens manufacturer needed to improve an existing desktop application used by opticians for customization and ordering of ophthalmic spectacle lenses. Opticians would evaluate their patients’ needs and order the exactly specified lenses directly from the manufacturer.

    NanoScent Ltd. is an award-winning Israel based company specialized in scent recognition with the help of hardware and ML. The mission of NanoScent is adding scent identifying and analyzing tools to our everyday life via smell recognizing applications. Our Client covers domains from Wellbeing to Industry 4.0.

    The Client came to Intetics with the challenge of creating a mobile application from scratch for iOS and Android platforms with an intuitive user interface. Intetics was chosen as an experienced software provider of B2C applications with the most appealing UI along with enterprise-grade mobile solutions that automate business processes.

    The Client has developed a stereolithography restorative device that utilizes software for creating three-dimensional models of teeth. The software employs the binary STL file format, and its drawback is the large size of files containing information about an object. To solve this problem, Intetics has created an STL compression algorithm which works as a dynamic link library to be used with external applications. Two compression modes are available: lossy mode allowing for the posterization of triangle coordinates, and lossless mode providing precise data storage and decompression.

    The solution was developed for a call center to facilitate call data collection and analysis. It enables call center operators to capture electronic data for the following call reasons: clinical trial participation, doctor referral, and registering for a medical event. Call data reports can be reviewed both via a browser and via regular email. A permission model provides an adequate access level to call center operators, supervisors and for representatives of external clients.

    SupplementSpot online store is a part of the Yahoo! Store system for managing orders and inventory, processing transactions, and promoting business. The Intetics team re-designed and perfected the company’s online store, streamlined the purchasing process by customizing a number of Yahoo! Store system modules, integrated a Wellness Test to help the client’s customers uncover their potential health problems, developed a new website targeted at European customers, and built a prescription drugs service site and online weight management store.

    A major manufacturer of optical lenses wanted to enhance and modernize their ordering process and strengthen their existing distributor network. The solution developed by Intetics’ developers reduced the error rate by 75%, reduced the time needed to process orders by 30%, and decreased completion time.

    The project objective was to create automated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for simplifying work with wide amount of requests for medical testing.

    After project completion testing facility received a complete functional LIMS System that matched processes within a short period of time.The system allowed collecting more accurate data by removing transcription errors and the need to use multiple spreadsheets, maintain electronic records to good practice (GxP) standards and bring about great time savings by increasing the efficiency of reporting and reducing the amount of quality control (QC) checking required on data.

    The Client noted data access improvements for external customer queries, simplification and automation of invoicing, productivity improvements, such as using barcoding for sample tracking, the
    automation of calculations and control of associated results. Additional benefits include more accurate planning and scheduling, eliminating manual transcription and duplication of data and simplifying access to laboratory data.

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