Game-Changing Telemedicine Technology Helps To Treat Patients Remotely

Game-Changing Telemedicine Technology Helps To Treat Patients Remotely

Quick Facts

24/7/365 remote medical assistance

10 min required to book an emergency call

 3-buttons click to access to the doctor

2+ hours saved in a traffic jam per visit


  • Increase the patient base by providing a brand-new quality service channel.
  • Build patient loyalty via delivery of a quick, professional interaction with the patient 24/7/365.


The Client is a healthcare service provider committed to improving lives by delivery of medical treatment. With the increased demand for online medical consultations, our Client decided to try a new technology for emergency or ad-hoc appointments, follow up visits. The system supposed to be easy to access, have an intuitive user interface, and be compatible with the software eco-system of the Client.


The created system works as an eCare Patient portal and directs calls to the Call Center produced from marketing campaigns. Upon getting the direct link in real-time, patients are redirected by the system to a virtual room where they can meet a doctor.

For patients and doctors, telemedicine visit serves as an initial visit, where doctors interview patients, record or check medical history, details about previous treatment plans, insurance information, etc.

Based on it, the Doctor schedules an in-person visit, since diagnostic and medical procedures still require a personal appointment. However, treatment planning and its adjustment, symptoms tracking, and patient’s feedback, prescriptions preparation and follow up visits can be supported remotely.

Additionally, by the launch of the telemedicine visits, the Client solved one of the major patients’ challenges – availability of emergency visits. In a case of severe pain, patients can get urgent consultation, and schedule the in-office visit to check the state afterward.

Absence of psychological barriers

The instant telemedicine visits are a great option for those patients who may have concerns or fears about visiting doctors personally for a consultation. During remote visits, patients may feel more confident and get the whole scope of medical service as per regular visits, just except medical procedures. They get the answers to all “how’s” and “what’s” about their treatment plan and any scenarios that might apply in their cases. This makes the consequent personal visit predictable and stress-free for a patient.

Ease of access

The telemedicine calls are available to patients via various browsers, mobile platforms, and IoT devices. There’s no need to download native apps and install plugins. Patients just need to follow the link.

Convenience & Availability

Online consultations allow patients to visit physicians on a convenient schedule and even in the case of an emergency when a patient is suffering from pain. Telemedicine technology ensures that if suddenly a pain visit is required, a medical organization will be able to allocate an available doctor with the respective specialty.


By leveraging the advantages of the telemedicine visit, patients save time on getting to the medical center. The patient also saves time on paper processing as the system enables electronic document flow through OCR features in the system.

Technical Implementation

From the technological side, virtual visits became available due to the integration with Web RTC technology.

Business processes automation is an integral part of eCare system itself. The system collects and processes patient’s data, verifies insurance plans, stores and processes electronical medical records and processing, books appointments. It helps with care planning, automates billing. The system manages patient service support in call centers. Interaction is also available via mobile apps.

Benefit and Result

The launch of virtual visits changed the approach to healthcare service delivery fundamentally. The opportunity to run telemedicine visits widens horizons for all sides: healthcare providers and patients.

It’s now possible to be always there for a patient, which helps to increase loyalty and retention rate. It’s possible to arrange a self-distancing visit when a patient is cautious about visiting a medical institution in person. It’s possible to get specialized professional assistance, as urgent as required, due to the distributed network of doctors and integrated schedules and IT eco-system.

Using the information, carefully collected during virtual visits, physicians can set or adjust treatment recommendations, and address any concerns ad-hoc. Remote visits run in the same way as usual onsite consultations, lacking just medical procedures.

The know-how applied to the telemedicine visits technology implementation allows the healthcare providers to properly distribute a huge number of streams requesting telemedicine sessions through the dispatch system and call center technologies. The new approach efficiently spreads the workload between the doctors, as location becomes less important, provides a patient with a wider choice of available specialists. It increases the quantity of patients due to wider geographical coverage, their engagement, and, as a result, financial flows.

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