Application by Intetics Helped Freight and Vehicle Service Company to Automate Operations and Reduce Costs

Application by Intetics Helped Freight and Vehicle Service Company to Automate Operations and Reduce Costs


The Client needed to automate a large number of vehicle defect reports created by employees across all their locations. They needed to reduce the amount of paperwork, speed up the defect processing time and improve planning of repairs.


To automate reports created on the road, the Client selected Inspection Form Manager (IFM), a free mobile application developed by Intetics. The app offered a comprehensive set of tools for managing inspection lists and could be used for Android and iOS mobile devices. The Client found that it contained most of the features they needed out of the box, but wanted more customization.


The freight and vehicles exchange service provider contacted Intetics to integrate the app with their existing IT system and to add several custom features. Intetics developed a tailored version of the IFM product under the Client’s brand. The IFM server was installed on a server within Client’s infrastructure for full control of data. Several new features were added as well:

  • Integration with Client’s CRM and Active Directory system so mobile users were authenticated automatically
  • Integration with Client’s internal planning system that enabled automatic registration of reported defects
  • Google Maps integration to map reports using GPS data
  • Barcode scanning functionality on mobile devices


Working with Intetics, the client received 2 highly specialized mobile apps that enabled them to automate their on-the-go processes. An existing app was customized to exactly match the Client’s needs and was securely integrated with their IT infrastructure. Leveraging Intetics’ IFM application significantly reduced development time and costs of 2 mobile and 1 server applications. As a result, it allowed focusing on implementation of business-critical features instead. Using the apps, the Client was able to automate defect reports. They integrated two mobile processes (defects reporting and repairs planning) with existing IT systems, which significantly saved time for reporting procedures and reduced number of errors in reports.

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