Electronic Driver Logbook System

Electronic Driver Logbook System


A major European developer and manufacturer of remote fleet control modules with complementary software.

Our client needed to update and enhance a driver logbook application intended for efficient fleet management. However, after we thoroughly examined all requirements and analyzed the modification potential of the existing application, we came up with a proposal to implement the entire system anew. The reasons for that were the low performance of the software and obsolete technologies utilized for it. Moreover, the application architecture was not scalable enough for upcoming updates. The client agreed that developing the system from scratch would facilitate the implementation of the project, increase the functionality of the application, and improve its ability for future enhancements.


The driver logbook application that we have delivered according to the client’s business requirements supports up to ten languages and provides the users with the following features:

  • fast and efficient data retrieval / synchronization;
  • hierarchical menu management and effective navigation;
  • XLS / PDF reports generation;
  • email sending functionality;
  • role based administration control and security;
  • high performance and load ability;
  • debugging mechanisms with flexible tracing level settings.

The application is based on Java, the J2EE technology, the Apache Tomcat application server, and the MySQL database server. The system architecture is an implementation of the three-tier approach with a presentation layer (the HTML/DHTML and JSP technology), a business logic layer (the server-side Java components), and a database access layer (the server-side data access objects).

Technologies Utilized

  • Java, J2EE, Tomcat
  • MySQL


The new driver logbook system is an advanced solution that makes professional fleet management, monitoring, and reporting possible. The electronic driver logbook is fully compliant with the client’s corporate standards and integrated with the structure of the entire fleet management system offered by the company. Having successfully replaced the old application, it demonstrates superior functionality and robust performance, which provides the company with significant competitive advantages.

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