Dedicated Development team for OIA Global Logistics

Dedicated Development team for OIA Global Logistics


Create a remote dedicated software development team for delivery and implementation of new solution features.


Intetics’s client, OIA global company, a global supply chain management leader, delivering client a unique combination of global logistics, packaging and material sourcing solutions, decided to enrich its proprietary customer order management solution with new functionality. To ensure the on-time delivery of the updated solution, the company needed more engineers with the expertise in the development of the logistics software. The client approached Intetics with the request to ramp up a team.


The Intetics’s Client automates a number of tasks with the help of a proprietary solution. It served as a customer order management, order sourcing, inventory, and invoice management system supporting the OIA Supply Chain Management business. Having analyzed the requirements for the solution update, Intetics created a team of engineers with industry experience.

The team included 4 software engineers and 2 quality control engineers. Intetics set the cooperation with the Client following the Remote In-Sourcing Business scheme, which made Intetics’s engineers a real extension of the client team.

The team of Intetics’s engineers smoothly entered the project and took over the tasks on the development of functionality for tracking the

  • Stages of logistic service delivery (from the point of order to final delivery and reporting)
  • Cooperation between OIA Global and the customers
  • Cooperation between OIA Global and suppliers

The development process on the project followed the Scrum methodology with all its attributes (planning, daily meetings, grooming, retrospective, dedicated Scrum Master). The team of business analysts processes the client requirements and creates the backlog of prioritized tasks.

Along the project run, the Intetics developed, updated and implemented functionality for

  • Order management
  • Order sourcing
  • Inventory
  • Invoice management


After the successful delivery of business-critical functionality within a tight timeframe, the Intetics team proved to be a reliable partner and has become a true team extension. The updated and implemented solution functionality fully covers those OIA Global tracking needs that the current ERP system cannot fulfill. The client continues cooperation with Intetics and has increased the tasks’ scope.

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