Data Collection for Automotive Navigation Solution

Data Collection for Automotive Navigation Solution

Quick Facts

93% of the view data received from Intetics’ field teams met the quality requirements.

The Client has been able to save up to 20% of the allocated budget due to the increased efficiency of the development processes.

Providing the project is still an ongoing one, we have already increased the Client’s database by 7%.


Perform the large-scale video surveys across Europe for the Highway Navigation project.


Our Client, a worldwide leading provider of mapping and navigation solutions, approached Intetics with the need to perform a sufficient number of photo surveys across the highways in Europe. In order to do this, it is required to assemble the outsourcing team of GIS experts who can perform the project efficiently in terms of time and other resources. The particular project Intetics has been assigned to is the digital mapping solution for automotive navigation, aiming to provide end-users with the European highway data. Intetics’ team had to collect a multitude of data consisting of realistic and complete information about signs and lanes for European highways.

The pictures of highway signs, junctions, exits, and lanes received during so-called photo surveys feed the Client’s database. To enrich the database with highway data, Intetics’ field team was engaged in the major photo surveys.

Due to our collaboration with Intetics, we were able to decrease the time of new areas collection by 15-17%. It is simply unbelievable how well- organized Intetics’ field teams is and how accurate the data outcome appeared to be. We consider it to be a really great investment in the effectiveness of our own team


To accomplish the project, Intetics developed the whole process from scratch, starting from the choice and purchasing of specific equipment (cameras, GPS sensors, etc.) and employing the workforce capable of working with it. Then we had to instruct and train our workforce following the Client’s technical requirements as well as develop the processes of working with the
equipment and organize relevant quality assurance control. And finally, to reinforce the Client’s navigation system with the project outcomes, our team managed to process the received data and deliver it to the Client in the appropriate format. Intetics’ team has contributed to the next project stages:

  • Necessary equipment research and purchase
  • Development of the process of working with the equipment
  • Creation of relevant instructions for employees
    • Field teams staffing
    • Human resources training
    • Developing their travel plans
  • Organization of field trips and providing proper support
  • Performance completeness and quality control
  • Received view data processing
  • The processed data delivery to the Client

Our Client also had clear and precise technical requirements to perform the project. Data captured during the surveys should be compliant with the range of requirements to pictures resolution and composition, camera trajectory and distance to objects maintenance, data structure, file formats, etc. Each category included many more sub-requirements. Our investigation proved these devices to be the most efficient ones for the project:

  • Sony a7 Alpha Mirrorless Digital Camera ensured fast continuous shooting, a wide range of shutter speeds and ISO, good photo quality, electronic shutter, PC control, acceptable cost;
  • INS+RTK GPS sensor which allowed to achieve good data accuracy even in city canyons and tunnels. Intetics’ project managers employed PCs for camera control and navigation. In general, our well-trained field teams collected the needed data across the vast majority of highways in over 20 European countries, from Portugal to Poland. The view data were also collected in some other requested densely populated areas in Northern Europe, the Baltic and Black Sea coasts and the European part of Russia.

Benefits & Results

Intetics has been deeply contributing to an ambitious project of performing large-scale photo surveys across Europe with the aim to receive the requested view data of high quality and in an efficient manner.

We coped with all the challenges of this project, namely building sophisticated routes, developing relevant navigation and route control techniques.

During the nine-month, our field teams have completed the following:

  • Covered 75 000 kilometers (45 000+ miles) of European highways with the photo surveys
  • To do so, we traveled along 270 000 kilometers (150 000+ miles) of European roads
  • Received 1,500,000 of high-quality pictures
  • Received 20 terabytes of data

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